2145 – Lantern Theatre #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffFest – Brighton Fringe

Year of Nomination:
Lantern Theatre
Elk Productions

  • Nicky Bagilhole says:

    This was a refreshingly different show using great imagination. I really enjoyed it. More shows like this please!

  • Claudia Raistrick says:

    Fantastic show a real highlight of the festival. Superb writing and acting

  • Niall Clifford says:

    It was a spectacular production. A heady cocktail of AI and transcendence, proffered as a thought provoking societal conundrum. Deep thought, punctuated throughout with lighter moments of bemusement.

  • Vikki Gimson says:

    Loved this show. Some really original ideas here and great staging. It’s paticularly refreshing to have sci-fi comedy.

  • Estelle Kelly says:

    Fantastic show very of these times

  • Zinnia says:

    Really enjoyed this show start to finish, engaging, thought provoking and funny. A truly excellent production.

  • Chloe Hutchinson says:

    Loved this show. I was totally gripped and laughing the whole way. Very original and brilliant

  • Yann Waterson says:

    What a brilliant show – it tackles an immensely complex sci-fi theme on stage with minimal cast, yet delivers an entertaining , funny and thought provoking result – truly impressive!

  • Alice Rickards says:

    A thought provoking and funny piece, with impressively imaginative use of a minimal set design. I was absorbed from start to finish!

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