Arisha’s OK Cabaret: An Operatic Extravaganza – To Bee Productions #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffFest

Year of Nomination:
Arisha's OK Cabaret: An Operatic Extravaganza
Sonata Piano & Cabaret Lounge
To Bee Productions

  • Jess says:

    I was lucky enough to see this show, and I was absolutely mesmerised. Arisha had me in the palm of their hand the whole way through, with both their story telling and phenomenal vocal performances. The songs choices were amazing and delivered emotional gut punches in the best way. I hope this show is performed again, as I would snap tickets up in a heartbeat!

  • Jas says:

    This was a stunning show! A unique, relatable and crazy story. The way in which Arisha held our attention was highly commendable, the song choices were genius. The show’s range was impressive I went from hysterical laughter to tears. Youkali and Shania Twayne were my stand out moments. Can’t wait to see what is next for this show!

  • Ryan morrison says:

    A wonderful journey through a strong and powerful narrative filled with humour, emotion and a very technically well executed performance to boot. Very hard to find any reason not to recommend this to anyone who appreciates a good story or a lover of the arts.

  • David Camplin says:

    I loved this show! There were many laugh out loud moments and some incredibly vulnerable moments, Arisha kept us on a rollercoaster. Such a great selection of music and sang beautifully! Youkali was stand out moment

  • JN says:

    Arisha’s OK Cabaret was a fun, creative and ambitious show. Featuring a great range of music and heartwarming presentation, it was at turns relatable, shocking and thought-provoking while offering a fresh perspective on events from the last few years and how they still impact all of us today. Looking forward to seeing what Arisha does next!

  • Julian says:

    God it was great… I was thoroughly entertained throughout. Stunning vocals and comedic timing

  • Alongside Arisha’s storytelling, their vocals were exciting and fantastically controlled. I did wonder whether there was a style of music this person couldn’t sing! How they conveyed emotion through song was fun, brilliantly entertaining and at times, thoughtful and emotive. Their understanding of their voice and how to showcase it well was completely apparent and the collection of songs selected for the show, showcased their range beautifully.

  • Dale says:

    A well-written and brilliantly performed cabaret – just what fringe theatre should be. Funny, touching, original and personal.

  • Vivien MacDonald says:

    I loved it!! Laughed and cried alternately throughout – the songs were all perfect choices and performed beautifully, and the energy was incredible from start to finish (especially during Man I feel like a Woman!) An amazing show, v excited to see what they do next

  • Charlotte Olsberg says:

    Incredible show! Performed beautifully by Arisha, who managed to portray the emotions they felt during their turbulent time stranded in the USA perfectly with the use of their quick wit and stunning vocals

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