Baggy Bra – Squad House #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffFest

Year of Nomination:
Baggy Bra
Squad House
Team Baggy Bra

  • Evie says:

    Fantastic show! Loved every minute of it! Haven’t laughed like that for a while!

  • Ethan Gibbons says:

    Really good production. Very informative and funny at the same time. Really good awareness for both men and women.

  • Baggy Bra is an excellent one-act show which really highlights some of the best (and worst!) qualities of human relationships. There is a fabulous chemistry between the characters and how they interact, with the main focus of the story being about what is not being said as much as what is.

    Audiences are invited to laugh and learn in equal measure…!

  • Paula Miles says:

    Watched baggy bra thought it was very entertaining and witty, but it also gave a message about difficult it is for a small business to survive in the high street. Also it reminded people to be breast aware.

  • Colin Miles says:

    As a male I did not know what to expect, I was surprised how I enjoyed it. Found it highly humorous and entertaining, laughed a lot.

  • Kia says:

    I absolutely loved this show – Very witty whilst also being educational, raising awareness of important topics for both men & women. I really loved the audience involvement throughout and the cast were all absolutely incredible, I couldn’t recommend this show enough.

  • Danny says:

    An excellent show raising awareness for very important topics with talented actors/actresses

  • Mat Miles says:

    Brilliantly written, funny and performed beautifully.

  • Jord says:

    Very informative show, that was both educational and funny; a rare mix!
    The cast had great chemistry and gelled well together. A must see!

  • Sumin Kim says:

    This play deliveres valuable common sense of bra in comical, rhythmical and joyful way.
    Also showing the passion of women’s dreams and careers is that something that any women can relate to.
    Neverthelss to say touching relationship between Mom and daughter.

  • Megan Trower says:

    A beautiful show that highlighted the importance of checking yourself & breast health !! The chemistry between cast members was lovely to watch and gave a feel of family on stage – it was beautiful. It was comical and witty, whilst also highlighting the more intimate and emotional moments the mother and daughter go through.

    All in all it is a show not to be missed and the acting is fab, the writing is amazing and the talent overall is just incredible. It’s a must watch!

  • Emily says:

    Great writing and an amazing cast, I loved every minute of the show. From improvised comedy to insightful messages, I would watch it all again!

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