Become An Assessor

The Offies are always looking for new assessors, from across a range of backgrounds – age, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity and disability.  Regarding the latter, it must be noted, however, that a number of OffWestEnd venues are not wheelchair accessible.

We have two categories of assessors for the various Offies awards:

  • for the Offies (for full run shows) and the OnComm (for online shows)
  • for the OffComm (for short runs) and for some OffFest shows (shows in festivals)


Anyone with the relevant experience can apply to be an Offies/OnComm assessor.

For the Offies awards (in normal times), every 2 weeks all full run award assessors are invited to indicate their preferences to attend a range of shows happening in the following month.  Once all preferences are received, the Offies Administrator will allocate assessors and send out a schedule for that period.  Assessors will then attend the show, and submit their assessment, using a standard template, within 24 hours of seeing the show.  Assessors will be expected to commit to seeing 2-4 shows per month   Assessors will receive a free ticket and a programme, but are expected to cover their own travel costs to attend the venue.

For the OnComm, assessors are sent a weekly updated schedule of shows that need assessing.  Some shows can be seen at the assessor’s convenience, but some shows require viewing on a particular date and time.  Assessors then submit a short assessment and indicate an overall rating (on a scale of 1-5) for that show.  If the show receives two 4-5* ratings, it is likely to receive an OnComm.

If you wish to be considered as an Offies / OnComm assessor, please email with the following information:

  • Some background about yourself, both generally and about your interest in theatre
  • Why you would like to become an Offies / OnComm assessor
  • A sample review / assessment of a show you have seen recently (which could be online)

We will contact you on receipt of your email, and let you know what happens next.  We may ask you to do one or two trial assessments, though we may also decide to accept you immediately, depending on your experience and your sample review.


For the OffComm for short run shows, a number of online reviewers and bloggers have agreed to be the assessors for this scheme, and the company / producer / venue can invite some or all of these to see the show.  If two of these agree on the merits of the show, then an OffComm will be awarded.

If you are would like more info on OffComm, please contact the Offies Administrator on


OffWestEnd is currently working on a Statement of Values for all assessors and others involved in our work.  It is planned that this will be finalised by 1 December 2020.



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