Beth Duke – Syncopation – Bridewell #Offies 2024 #NewNoms: SOUND DESIGN

Design: Sound
Year of Nomination:
Beth Duke
Manilla St Productions

  • Claire Watson says:

    Thank you so much for a brilliant show. The whole experience was so immersive and intimate, with no moment to think about it. The actors were outstanding, communicating naturally and seamlessly, and Devon-Elise Johnson really captured the attitude of the era. It was great to see their relationship as dance partners develop and the change in their dancing as this evolved. The musicians were excellent too and the sound of speech and singing very audible and clear. The way we heard Anna and Henry’s thoughts and accounts side by side then together worked really well. The costumes were fun and indicative of different moods.

  • Ann Craigie says:

    The whole show was brilliant. The sound production could have been difficult and unsuccessful in such a small theatre as Bridewell but it certainly was not! All the songs, speech, and music were very clearly heard and the whole show was excellent and really enjoyed. Well done Beth Duke.

  • Loretta Brooks says:

    The sound of early 20th century New York was brought alive in this small theatre, with the sound design taking us seamlessly from Henry’s hired room to the funfair and the river cruise liner. I sat in the very back row and could hear every whisper. The live instruments sounded glorious with their swinging score, as did the singers. Recorded sound was used creatively and evocatively in a way that made it possible to imagine widely different scenes with minimal set changes. Adept and agile sound design.

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