Broken Water – Lightbox Th – Arcola Theatre #Offies 2024 #NewNoms: #OffComm

Year of Nomination:
Broken Water
Arcola Theatre
Lightbox Theatre

  • Nik Grace says:

    I loved Broken Water so much that I saw it 3 times. I loved everything about it and it’s one of the most memorable and moving plays I’ve ever seen. The writing, directing and acting were second to none and the comedy was a wonderful balance with the more poignant moments. It was really wonderful.

  • Robin Ince says:

    I thought this was superb on so many levels – the camaraderie in the performances, the ability to be deeply moving and then very funny – and it felt important – that it would make connections and bring into the light stories that are so often hidden.

  • Jen Offord says:

    I was totally blown away by this play. Michele Winstanley perfectly captures the emotional complexity of motherhood, grief and longing, and her writing is in equal measure hilarious and heartbreaking – sometimes in the same sentence. I loved it, and I hope she will write more

  • Dawn Edmonds says:

    Broken Water was absolutely wonderful.It touched every emotion I had.I was laughing one minute and crying the next.The three actresses were tremendous.It just shows you don’t need big fancy scenery and a load of props.The acting was so perfect.It was my first visit to this theatre and I’m glad it was to see this play .

  • Eve Ferret says:

    Broken Water was beyond brilliant. The superb writing from Michele Winstanley was sublimely performed by the three actors that made us laugh and cry. The director helped move us collectively through so many emotions without huge set changes. Theatre as it should be. Thoughtful, provocative and emotional.

  • My friend, who is a theatre veteran, and I thoroughly enjoyed this play. He was delighted with the production, which he found inventive, adept, and well timed, and the acting – particularly of the most senior actress – he admired – and he is not easy to please. I loved the female raw richness of the story – it felt like a lush, visceral, nourishing, very real place to land. We were gripped throughout and left uplifted and delighted. This is what theatre can be – a crunchy, creamy, colourful slice of life that shows us to ourselves and, in the showing, somehow makes our humanity elevate to the heart most warmly and sizeably. And we laughed, and had a few tears appear, and cringed, and beamed to ourselves and each other.

  • Liz Ogilvie says:

    Broken Waters was the most moving, thoughtful and beautiful experience of theatre. I went with my 20 year old daughter – we are at one of the stages discussed in the play, and we identified so strongly with the way in which it was handled and the completely accurate and comic and heartbreaking emotions which it triggered. We have since talked about it A LOT. The acting was amazing, gifted actors all, but the script and writing must have been a joy for them. It was truly wonderful. Thank you.

  • Stefan Lorett says:

    I usually walk out of films or throw the book in the bin if there’s the usual gratuitous, voyeuristic and misogynistic rape which often exists merely to explain male revenge or anger- you focussed on the victim and both the physical and emotional pain which even remembering it brings tears to the eyes.
    The simplicity of the staging against the emotional impact is a measure of the playwright’s imagination and the actors and the producers abilities. On a lighter note 11 out of 10

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