Cathy Conneff – 21 Round for Christmas – Park Theatre #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: SOLO PERFORMANCE

Plays: Solo Performance
Year of Nomination:
Cathy Conneff
21 Round for Christmas
Park Theatre

  • Jan Ansell says:

    Brilliant performance, Cathy brings humour and pathos to the role. In thus show that clipped along with pace

  • Roger Conneff says:

    I’m biased but wonderful, absolutely brilliant – don’t miss it

  • Ralph says:

    Absolutely well deserved. Cathy is a wonderful performer. I hope this nomination leads to a win.

  • Ellie Hale says:

    Cathy was a joy to watch. So natural and engaging. She was a wonderful storyteller with superb comic timing. It was a tricky show to perform I imagine, but she really brought all characters to life and made us the audience feel we were part of something. She is a well deserving winner.

  • Chris Brosnahan says:

    Really strong performance, creating a consistent, believable and funny character what was both theatrically over-the-top, but still felt like you were talking to her in the kitchen.

  • A very mediocre play but wow that performance made it come alive. Funny and moving and always engaging!

  • Lou-lou Mason says:

    Absolutely superb performance from Cathy! She brought so much energy and commitment to every moment, both through the subtleties of the emotional subplots with the erraticness of being the hostess with the mostess! The play itself was disappointingly tropey and Cathy was the sole element that made watching it incredibly enjoyable.

  • Elizabeth morris says:

    Cathy’s none stop performance over 75 minutes crackled with festive fizz whilst completely encapsulating the pendulum swings of emotion I think all middle aged mothers and wives feel over Christmas. I feel energised by Cathy but exhausted for her in equal measure. Hilarious and compelling.

  • David says:

    Did not know what to expect but certainly would not have been ready for what I saw. Cathy’s performance was engaging as she brought the audience into the multiple narratives through flashbacks and audience participation. Her spontaneity and skill brought tears of laughter and some genuine touching moments. I only wished I had sat in the front row…

  • Jack B says:

    Cathy’s performance is electric. She welcomes you in to her world and completely engages you for the whole piece. An amazing piece of stage craft on her part and a joy to behold.

  • Chris Wheeldon says:

    Cathy’s magnetic performance captured the attention of the audience for 65 minutes of magic. She captured the nuances of Tracy with an amazing range of emotions that resonated throughout the show.
    The show required a high energy performance but Cathy didn’t lose her ability to switch to elements of real sadness amongst lighter moments.
    This show allowed her to demonstrate her versatility and I felt privileged to have seen it.

  • Darren says:

    Fantastic performance from Cathy. The whole show is anchored by her charm and wit. Always engaging and relatable throughout, she truly is the star of the show.

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