Christopher Tendai – Wonderland in Alice – Theatre Peckham #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: CHOREOGRAPHY

Choreography / Movement
Year of Nomination:
Christopher Tendai
Wonderland in Alice
Theatre Peckham

  • Vanessa Kayi says:

    A truly inspired and captivating piece of dance theatre. The skills of the dancers immediately put you at ease and the choreography clearly depics Alice’s wonderland journey. It’s a show you want to watch again and again to spot new parallels, hear new revelations, and leave seeing the world with new profound perspectives on gender and the binary, but also find yourself reflecting on broader topics, such as societal preconceptions based on aesthetics and the external shell of a person. It’s a must see!

  • Chloe says:

    Christopher’s choreography and truly mind blowing creative skills allows the space for every company member to shine. Challenging binaries & creating a space where everyone feels safe

  • amie butler says:

    Chris never fails to put on an outstanding show with such important messages and inventive choreography. The show creates great conversations around particular topics which is exactly what is needed but using such a classic story. The artistry and imagination put in to create this outstanding and important piece Is something I really admire about Chris and his team. I’m so glad I got to see this performance.

  • Joe OR says:

    We need more shows like this ! CTC is such an incredible company and I love watching their productions. This one was truly special

  • Wonderland In Alice was an incredible piece of multi-disciplinary theatre!
    Chris Tendai’s choreography was formidable. It was gripping, joyful, heart breaking, clean and concise but free at the same time, it was hard hitting yet gentle. The choreography drew from a vast array of dance styles. It had the audiences absolutely captivated.
    CTC is consistently making groundbreaking theatre! And Chris’ choreography was superb!

  • Alanna says:

    Very important work that should be shared with a wider audience. Massive congrats to all involved! X

  • Katrina Lopes says:

    The movement & choreography in this show was sublime and flowed seamlessly throughout. It was so impressive how the dancers were able to complete everything with pure commitment and intention to the storyline. Nothing came across as uncertain.

  • Leeroy Boone says:

    Chris’ perspective on the well known tale is thought-provoking, while his choreography and style are impactful and truly communicative. Every aspect of the Alice’s journey is vivid to the beholder. One can’t help but feel invested in Alice’s trajectory. The choices in merging dance styles make for a boundary-shattering exploration which brings the spectator to reconsider what they think of dance, theatre and societal norms.

  • Hannah Miles says:

    Absolutely amazing piece of dance theatre! The show was visually exceptional with incredible choreography and performances from an outstanding cast and creative team. I would highly recommend this to anyone. It was inspiring and pushed the boundaries of both dance and theatre, it was a safe space to explore narratives around gender and sexuality within a classic story.

  • Cavan says:

    So happy to see this nomination! Such a beautiful piece with beautiful intentions. Self funded work is so inspiring and this one should be accoladed. Everyone involved has created an engaging and vivid re-telling of Alice in Wonderland with the a joyful gender fluidity which empowers all audiences in their expressions, whatever they may be.

    The post show chat moves theatre where it needs to be, where offstage context and practice is dictated by the shows themes, form and intentions – something which as an off-west end show, it has over any show in town.

  • Christina Vasileiadi says:

    One of the most raw, unapologetically beautiful shows I’ve seen. Wonderland is the most perfect spectacle to educate audiences about gender-fluidity and show the special beauty in queerness. I cried so many times during the piece! They need to be doing more and more work like this for everyone to see, so well deserved🌟 every detail was thought out to be the best experience whilst raising awareness. A dream to watch, left the theatre feeling inspired and with a full heart.

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