Colin Hurley – Lear’s Shadow – Jack Studio Theatre #Offies 2024 #NewNoms: SOLO PERF IN A PLAY

Plays: Solo Performance
Year of Nomination:
Colin Hurley
Lear's Shadow
Jack Studio Theatre

  • Fiona Drummond says:

    Amazing theatre. Colin is a master at connectivity, play and pathos. A beautiful take on Lear that let us really hear the language. I’m sure it will be played in new places and highly recommend everyone goes and sees it.

  • Chris says:

    Loved this show. Beautifully performed, and highly deserving of this award.

  • Scott Brooksbank says:

    A brilliant and bold performance that embraced the audience warmly and then held us tight. Masterful and magnetic, Colin Hurley made Lear make sense in a way that many full productions don’t even get close to. Irreverent and gloriously cheeky at times, he nevertheless leant into the darkness of the story and made the language sing.
    5 stars.

  • Mary McNulty says:

    Mesmerising performance – witty and poignant, playful yet a wonderfully sensitive distillation of Shakespeare’s play. Colin’s vocal and technical skills are of the highest quality. He plays with the audience with gentleness and generosity, honouring the responses he gets, without it ever becoming a pantomime shtick.

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