Daniel Rock – Richard the Second – Omnibus #Offies 2022 #NewNoms: NEWCOMER

Year of Nomination:
Daniel Rock
Richard the Second
Omnibus Theatre
Tangle Theatre

  • Diane Leonce says:

    Daniel Rocks performance at the Omnibus Theatre was one of the most moving deeply affecting performances I have ever seen. The RSC and their casting Directors take this young man into their arms and cradle him! At such a young age to have such a command of a difficult role. OUTSTANDING WORK. Daniel Rock for best newcomer please!

  • Antonia says:

    What an exceptional performance by Daniel Rock! Newcomer?? WOW!!
    He was captivating as Richard the Second with a commanding ease and understanding of the role. The character’s strengths and emotional vulnerability totally drew the audience in and brought me to tears by the end.
    Look out for this incredible young man – you saw him here first!!

  • Seb says:

    An exceptional debut performance by Daniel, who shone amongst a cast of brilliant actors! The lead performance was captivating, and displayed emotional depth and maturity beyond Daniel’s years. Truly a young talent to watch!

  • Brenda says:

    Excellent performance by Daniel Rock. An up and coming star
    A truly emotional watch as Richard the second

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