Gaslight – Etcetera Theatre #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffFest Camden Fringe

Year of Nomination:
Etcetera Theatre

  • Rory Walton-Smith says:

    Hard hitting, well acted production. Would love to see it again one day!

  • S. ashcroft says:

    Such an impactful show. Very stylised and modern, whilst handling such an important topic

  • R. beh says:

    Absolutely loved this play. The writing encompassed the experiences of many young adults across the UK and beyond, and perfectly captured the harrowing nature of sexual assault and betrayal of loyalty. The cast, led by Shaira Berg as Scarlet, resonated with many of us, and profoundly portrayed the nature of the pain and experiences surrounding such violent acts.

  • Georgia Pickford says:

    A brilliantly written & performed show.
    Uniquely different and super engaging; with a deeper message featured throughout.
    One that doesn’t escape your thoughts for a long time!

  • Alphonso Mariachi says:

    Excellent performance by the cast and crew. The writing was extremely high quality and the young cast played their roles with great enthusiasm, making each scene feel realistic. Berg and her cast deserve high praise for making this haunting story come to life. The blood effects were impressive, too.

  • Samuel Fox says:

    Incredibly sensitively done. Well paced with brilliant exposition and naturally flowing dialogue that demanded the audience’s attention and empathy. Wonderful job by the highly talented cast.

  • Maria F.M. says:

    Just amazing. It was so well done and the message so well delivered. The writing was impeccable and the actors were really committed to their parts!

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