Guffy – Pleasance Courtyard #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffFest Edinburgh Fringe

Year of Nomination:
Pleasance Courtyard
Glenna Morrison, Pitlochry Festival Theatre, The Pleasance

  • This show blew my mind.So crucial to have theatrelike this is Britain.
    It was so powerful and has left me realing. Want to see it again!

  • Luca J M Scacchi says:

    I wasn’t sure what to expect coming in to see Guffy but it exceeded all my expectations.The performances very spot on and laid bare their emotions for all.Very brave production.

  • marina brunella says:

    This show took me through a rollercoaster of emotions. Laughing crying and pure shock at the ending
    Just Wow!! Very well written and 3 actors captured the attention of the audience from the start.

  • Stuart MacGregor says:

    The acting was superb from both actresses and such a well written show which captured exactly how the people of Alloa speak. highly recommend this show.

  • sheena raeburn says:

    Surprisingly playful in language and soon – very much enjoyed it.

  • Anne Smith says:

    Very powerful play and performances. In yer face at times with themes of loss and abuse. Lovely wee bit singing from Alba. Loved Guffy’s ability to do her face on the go. Well worth watching.

  • Lynsey Ritchie says:

    We really enjoyed it. Acting was spot on too. Well done! Take a bow!

  • Caroline Clark says:

    Beautifully performed. I felt a lot of emotions throughout the show but wasn’t expecting the shock at the end. Wish I’d got the chance to see it again knowing what was really happening. Well done everyone involved.

  • Tiffany Barton says:

    This was one of the highlights of Edinburgh Fringe for me – I loved the authentic Alloa voice and characters. I always seek out uncompromising theatre and this didn’t disappoint – it was funny, moving and packed a serious punch! Great writing by Glenna Morrison and performance by Georgia Ireland. Congrats to all involved!

  • Veronica Maguire says:

    Amazing production, fabulous acting. I was reverted from the minute it began. A ‘must see’ . Lots of issues aired. Great ending, thought provoking, it had everything! Loved it.

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