I Love You, Now What? – Pleasance Courtyard #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffFest Edinburgh Fringe

Year of Nomination:
I Love You, Now What?
Pleasance Courtyard
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  • Martin Neil says:

    So good, I wanted to see it twice-had me laughing and crying in equal measure. This play will resonate with anyone who has experienced loss and grief.
    Each of the performers gave it their all, superbly acted, every nuance of every emotion there to see- raw, passionate, physical and in some ways uncomfortable as it was such a true reflection of how we deal with the pain of loss, yet told in such a while that we could laugh at the absurdity of it all. If you can be entertained, if you can feel that you’re living it with them, and you can laugh, cry and and ultimately hold out some hope for the protagonists all in the space of an hour, then the piece has done its job. Thought provoke, tear inducing ans side aching- this is surely what live theatre is about.
    Loved it. *****

  • George says:

    Having been to the Fringe for a good few years, I can say without a doubt, this show is the best show i’ve seen.
    Even comparing to West End shows, this is genuinely top of my list.

    The chemistry between the three actors was like nothing I’ve seen before, making the whole thing gripping from start to finish.
    Sophie’s writing had humour, heartbreak, and all those raw feeling rolled into one.

    The use of a single piano centre stage was a genius move, representing the whole journey.

    This show had me laughing hysterically to sobbing my heart out in the matter of minutes…two to three times!

    A solid 5-star show that left me seriously impressed.

  • A truly fantastic show filled with some remarkable individual performances! Both moving and humorous, and I think everyone in the audience can relate to the story in one way or another. Simply Brilliant!

  • Jeremy Skinner says:

    Amazing performance on every level. From the Title and Publicity shots I went along expecting a Rom-Com. What I got was something entirely different, leading me on an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Yes, there was humour but also heartbreaking moments beautifully written and performed by all. The Set reminded me of Brecht in its language and simplicity.An All-Round 5 star show that engages you in profound ways you weren’t expecting, leaving you feeling exhausted but enlightened.

  • Vicki Baggaley says:

    Incredible! I laughed, I cried I sat with my thoughts long after it was over! Wonderful actors telling a very real and difficult situation with warmth and honesty

  • Hannah Etherington says:

    Just wow. What a performance, the writing was superb. Not a dry eye in the room.

    100% would recommend.

  • Neil McClory says:

    This was a touching, funny, emotional play that had everything. Great acting, marvellous use of props and the stage plus thought provoking subject matter. This show truly deserves an award (and a national run)!

  • James Ditchfield says:

    Funny and brutal. I don’t know how it works but it does. Never been in a show like this: absolutely heart breaking and hilarious. Well acted throughout and I am amazed Sophie Craig could even do this without breaking down: the audience were in bits so to act out a lived experience is incredible. Get this show on tour!

  • Seen this show on Wed 23rd August at Pleasance Court. Edinbrugh. Was enthralled by it all. How 3 amazing actors and a piano in a small room for 1 hour can have everyone in the audience laughing out loud. Then sobbing then laughing then sobbing. Absolutely amazing. Would love to go and see it again with my friends. So so good. Bring it to Newcastle please, pretty please, please xxx

  • Jen Scott says:

    This show was simply brilliant. It was hilarious, superbly acted and had me sobbing,which hasn’t happened since I watched Braveheart in 1995. Sophie is ridiculously talented and to write a play that is so raw, about such a hard subject, must come from a place of experience, and to articulate that into something that is both hilarious and heartbreakingly sad, is truly outstanding. Brilliant cast, brilliantly written and so deserving of all the praise.

  • Jenna Thomas says:

    What can I say about this show? It’ll be hard to sum up in just a paragraph but let me try. Pure, raw and vulnerable. I am NOT a public crier but I sobbed. That type of chin wobbling, deep sob that only comes when you can relate to something so deeply. Sophie portrayed the raw grief, despair, anger and hurt you can only know when you’ve lost someone, so beautifully well and Andy and Sean were equally amazing. My Husband has been Theo and I have been Ava and it was portrayed so scarily accurately that my sobs ended up being quite cathartic. It was funny too and just when I thought I’d just end up a mess they pulled me back just in time. It was a roller coaster. And Sean, your portrayal was spot on, as someone who knows it better than I wish too, just amazing. You three are fantastic and I would come and see anything any of you are in, in a heartbeat. I’ve never been to fringe before and I travelled up from Yorkshire by myself just to see what it’s all about and this show was the only one I saw but the one I needed most. Genuinely, brilliant. I adored it.

  • Oviya says:

    A must watch show. The show takes you on an emotional rollercoaster through the highs and lows of loving someone, and being human.
    You will fall in love with these characters and be reminded what it means to truly love.

    With incredibly powerful performances, moments that will leave you laughing, and then sobbing the next, it’s a show that needs to be experienced.

  • Steve Low says:

    Had heard about this production so myself and some family members went along last minute and were not disappointed. The story is one that everybody can relate to in some way and supplying tissues was most appreciated for both the comedy and sadness. The whole cast were amazing and special mention must go to Sean Mvleavy playing the father/ counsellor who moved seamlessly between both roles. So glad to have seen this production which fully deserves a 5 Star rating and would recommend it to everyone.

  • James Jahannah says:

    This was the best piece of theatre I’ve ever seen. Raw and working class and original.

  • Rebecca Graham says:

    I’m not really one for plays but I follow Sophie on insta/fb and I love her content so couldn’t not go while she was in Edinburgh. I think I might be converted, it was both funny and sad and really resonated after a recent bereavement. Amazing work all!

  • Marie Lewis says:

    Pure emotional rollercoaster! Go see it!

  • Leah Clegg says:

    This play is absolutely beautiful – a reminder that all will be okay, even when the world feels like it’s stopped turning.
    The superb comedy elements serve to make the moments of grief/pain more visceral and completely capture the human experience of life and death. A thoughtfully crafted piece of theatre which strikes a gorgeous balance between naturalism and more stylised conventions – I particularly loved the symbolic use of properties, sound and movement throughout, to enhance the dramatic impact of the production.
    I cannot recommend this play enough! I’d love to see it picked up and published – I can just imagine the likes of Frantic Assembly working alongside Craig (et. al)! It is truly spectacular and I’m so happy to have seen it.

    Best of all, Sophie Craig is enormously warm and talented and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

  • Jenny says:

    Went first with a friend and then back again with my husband! One minute your laughing the next in tears (in both shows!). Superb acting from Sophie, Andy and Sean.

  • Julie says:

    I saw this yesterday and was blown away by the performance. Sophie made her characters grief so raw it made it feel like my own. The anger, the sadness, the numbness and pushing the one person away who is trying to help, all shown through Sophie’s amazing talent as an actress. She was so engaging and i hope she knows how brilliant an actress she is! She had me mesmerised by her performance and feeling everything her character was feeling, it was an emotionally charged hour.
    I was crying, I was laughing and I was every emotion in between watching this roller coaster that showed exactly how grief is and all the emotions you go through.
    The performance of theo and Ava’s dad while he is asking theo to look after ava when he is gone was amazing. This heartfelt scene made me cry so much and I saw theos passion to try and help ava in anyway he could while being pushed away. He gave a performance that drew me in and had me feeling deeply for his character and wanting to make sure he’s OK.
    Avas dad was brilliant at portraying a parent who is now needing help from a child, he showed exactly how frustrating that can be and how he was dealing with his limitations. As someone with a disability I can understand his characters frustration at having someone have to help him, he portrayed avas dad and really had me believing that he was actually ill and trying to make sure his daughter would be OK when he was gone. He got the balance exactly right of not wanting ro be a burden and making sure his child would be looked after once he’s gone.
    This performance was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever seen and I’m glad I had the privilege to see it and experience all the actors amazing talents. Can’t fault it and I hope they do something for next years fringe as I’ll definitely be back to see anything they are in

  • Ellie says:

    This show was powerful, emotional, funny, and captivating. The actors had an amazing connection on stage, and the story-telling was fantastic. It was one of my highlights of the festival. Sophie Craig is incredibly talented!

  • Karen says:

    Acting was superb and the theme of grief was dealt with such rawness. I was a sobbing mess.

  • Gemma Charlton says:

    One of our final shows (Mon, 28th) in my 5 day Fringe visit with my son. He took a bit of convincing to come see the show, as magicians/comedy/circus is more his bag. But, we both loved it!!

    Such a powerful performance from all 3 actors, and amazing use of minimalist set and props. It had me from laughing to crying in literally seconds.

    Have been following Sophie for a while now on social media, but didn’t really know what to expect…it wasn’t this! I’m glad we saved it until our last day, defo came in our top 3 (out of 20!) performances! 100% 5 stars!!

  • Marie Williams says:

    One of the best shows I’ve ever seen. Raw, emotional, funny, thought provoking. The chemistry between all three actors and the story being told feels so real. The play was so well written and beautifully portrayed. I have seen this twice and would 100% recommend everyone to see it at least once! It will really make you think and reflect for days and weeks after. Amazing. 5*!!

  • Matt Taylor says:

    An absolute rollercoaster of emotions – to be crying one second to burst out laughing at another, I’ve never seen a theatre piece effect me so much. It was beautiful and brilliant. All performances were fantastic and I did not want it to end. If I could have seen it more than once I would have. I can not priase this enough! I wish I could see it again!

  • Darren French says:

    What an amazing and moving show. Beautiful story and wonderfully acted. I wish we had time to have seen it twice.

  • Andrew says:

    Truly brilliant play and performance – deeply moving and hilarious at once, and performed with amazing conviction. Had many in the audience tearing up in mere minutes. Everyone involved should be considered one to watch…

  • Ravi says:

    Just amazing, incredible talent.

  • Lee Mckinstry says:

    Wow, absolutely amazing, I went in to the performance expecting a comedy as I’ve followed the Hilarious Sophie Craig on Instagram and Facebook etc. what I got was the best drama you can imagine, so real, the most amazing acting I could ever see and it be been to many west end shows, just outstanding *****

  • Urszula Jozefowicz says:

    Absolutely outstanding show, the one that you will remember. You will laugh, and cry and be in awe of the whole cast. Unforgettable and beautiful. The best experience of the Fringe Festival.

  • Catriona O Connor says:

    The most incredible show, moving, funny and devastating. It needs another run!!!

  • Nina Dench says:

    Mesmerising. Poignant. Funny. Beautiful detail.

  • Hannah Golding says:

    An absolute gem of a show. ILYNW pulls you in initially with its hysterical courtship that is so relatable…and then hits you head on with heartbreak with such a deft swipe that you’re practically still laughing as you begin to cry. Pretty much every single member of the audience was in tears. The joy of loving someone and the consequence of that choice has never been more clear than in this piece where the beginning and inevitable end are wound so tightly together. The three performers were all so strong in their roles that we never failed to believe their characters, even when one had to frequently switch between two characters with the simplest of costume changes. The set is simple but so well utilised. One of our absolute top of the Fringe and deserving of a tour now.

  • Louise Clark says:

    This was the show of the festival for me! Brilliant cast, heartbreaking raw acting, emotional, I raved to everyone to go see it!

  • Samara Burns says:

    Outstanding! There simply aren’t enough words to describe how this play made me feel. Such an incredible portrail of how illness impacts loved ones in so many ways. The characterisation was flawless, the relationship between Theo and Ava was literally like watching myself and my husband on stage. I laughed and cried so hard, more than I have done in any other theatre experience. This really is a must see!

    • Will Stotton says:

      This show needs to be seen all over! Sophie Graig and the entire cast, creative and crew deliver one of the best plays I’ve ever seen. The ups and downs, from laughter to heart brake. This show is outstanding! The performances by the cast are some of the best acting I’ve ever seen! This show deserves a huge stage and sell out run with all the awards!

  • Alex says:

    It was an emotional roller coaster. Even though I am lucky not to have lost someone so close to me, it brought up other emotions I have been ignoring. So many ways to relate to this story and it was executed perfectly by the cast

  • Jenny Metcalfe says:

    What an amazing amazing show. Reflective of real life shared in a funny and heartfelt show. I needed a bigger box of tissues. Fabulously cathartic for those that have suffered loss and love.

  • Charlotte Mason says:

    Wow! What a performance! The cast should be so incredibly proud of themselves. It was heart wrenching and also hilarious! Very clever writing, I’ve never been to a show that equally makes me laugh and cry. I cannot recommend this show enough! Well done to all involved.

  • Erin Walker says:

    I have never experienced something so beautiful, haunting, funny, sweet, heartbreaking and thought provoking all in one show. How this play explores grief and relationships is unlike anything I’ve ever come across before.
    It will stay with me for the rest of my life.

  • Rosie Scott says:

    An absolute masterclass in showcasing the journey of grief. Witty, intelligent and heartbreaking in equal measure. I saw grown men and women reduced to tears and blowing the drips from their nose as they laughed heartily just moments later. The mark of a writer telling the best and worst of their lived experience with terrific skill. An incredibly dynamic performance from such a small cast. Clever staging with limited props and seamless transitions – who knew a piano could be used under so many guises? Highly immersive and imaginative. The best show I have seen at the fringe and utterly astounding to have been the writer’s first play. I truly hope it is the first of many.

  • Caroline Mackay says:

    Amazing show. Could totally identify with a lot of it. Had me in tears within 2 mins and laughing after 5 mins. Could hardly speak for about an hour after seeing it as hit me so deep. Well done Sophie and cast.

  • Sarah Carrick says:

    Having lost my dad recently I wasn’t sure if I could cope with the storyline of this play. It was sad and emotional but also uplifting and inspiring as the characters coped and carried on, leading up to and following the death of the father. It was like climbing up and down a beautiful, hard mountain of grief and love until the end. I was left with a sense of achievement and strength. Powerful writing and authentic dialogue enabled such strong performances, especially from Sophie Craig. She deftly switched between comedy and tragedy with sincerity and warmth.

  • Sierra Callaghan says:

    I had the utmost privilege of meeting Sophie’s family after the show and the genuine love, pain and absolute commitment to family that she demonstrated in the play shines through. A gorgeous and heart wrenching performance from the entire cast, beautifully constructed and torturously real. And the laughs hit home at the most unexpected moments. Incredible how humour can carry us through our worst experiences. This show will destroy you and then tenderly sooth you with laughter, the best medicine.

  • Karen says:

    Saw this show on the 19th August.
    Every emotion was touched by this thought provoking show. Only 3 actors and a piano but wow totally amazing and so glad that I got to see it.

  • Tracey Alcock says:

    Emotional, raw, real! A great insight into the process of grief, loss and relationships. Beautifully done, and without a doubt, the absolute highlight of our first Fringe experience!

  • Amy murray says:

    Without question this is the most wonderful show I have ever seen. The actors, the piano, the storyline – pure perfection.

  • Darima says:

    Astonishing and captivating play, I truly enjoyed every moment, lived the characters’ life in these 60 minutes. It was a perfect balance between humour and sorrow, loss and hope. The actors were incredibly connected, I loved how naturally and easily they presented their story. When we were leaving, I felt I wanted to hug someone, and we couldn’t stop sharing our thoughts and enjoyment.

  • Steven Jess says:

    I came to the fringe to specifically to see “I Love You, Now What?”, and it exceeded my expectations!
    It was a very well put together production, and the actors utilized the small space really well. With minimal use of furniture, the idea to make use of one piano also as a bed, a bar/counter, seating, and a coffin paid off remarkably and it was all due to the hard work that the cast and crew put into selling the story.

    It was a very grounded and human story that leaves you with a new sense of longing for a loved one who has passed on. It’s a performance that you can take something away from.

    Sophie Craig gave a truly stellar performance as Ava. The hard work she put into telling her real life story through a character she created was absolutely inspiring. The pain she had suffered from losing her own father really came through. When I wasn’t laughing, I had a constant lump in my throat, or I was crying. Sophie’s talent as an actress, as a story teller and as a writer must be recognised.

    Andrew Umerah presented us with a fantastic performance as Theo. A character whom we have all related to at one point in our life with someone. We all know it’s hard to support someone struggling with grief. We feel that nothing we do or say is the right thing. It’s easy to become frustrated during a tragic situation when it is nobody’s fault. He carried the role with great care, and was the perfect stage partner for Sophie.

    Sean McLevy really harnessed his abilities as an actor in playing two roles back to back, playing the roles of John (Ava’s therapist) and Neil (Ava’s dad). Sean superbly took on the challenge in playing Neil, as he was based off of Sophie Craig’s own father, and delivered a truly astounding and heartbreaking performance.

    This is a play that I will always carry with me, and regard as one of the best pieces of contemporary plays that I have ever seen.

    A true five star rating! ★★★★★

    P.s. I had the pleasure of meeting both Sophie and Neil, and they are truly down to earth, wonderful people and I wish them all the best.

  • Barbara Carvill says:

    Edinburgh Fringe didn’t disappoint ❤️ such a friendly, fun atmosphere so much to see and do…but the absolute highlight was seeing a wonderful play written and performed by the amazing @itssophiecraig ‘I LOVE YOU…NOW WHAT?’ was the most beautiful, funny, rollercoaster of emotions…yes, it was sad…at times heart wrenching! …I sobbed, laughed out loud and was in complete awe of the talent in front of me! The cast of just three superb actors touched my heart..❤️ phenomenal! xx #edfringe #Iloveyounowwhat? #pleasancecourtyard #pleasancebeside

  • Kimberley Dempster says:

    This play was so cleverly written and directed. The way it emotionally moved me one moment (to the point of tears) and made me laugh out loud the next made me completely invest in the story and connect to the characters. Each actor was, in their own right, incredibly strong and they played off each other with excellent comic timing while maintaining a deep emotional connection throughout. It was an utter joy to be a part of the audience. This play would be a deserving winner!

  • Mark Andrews says:

    From the opening scene to the last, I was on a rollercoaster of emotions, laughing, crying, sometimes both at the same time. this wonderful play about the heartbreaking journey of a young woman who lost her father to cancer, was beautifully written by Sophie Craig, and performed magnificently by just three of them. It was brutally honest yet sensitive, thought-provoking and hilarious at times. The outstanding performance of all three actors, especially Ava [Sophie Craig ] was really moving and insightful, helping the audience understand the impact the loss of a loved one can have on individuals within a relationship. Even the props, only two of them, were used so effectively to deepen this emotional impact. The symbolism of a sparkler fizzling out, and the tearing apart of the piano, so very powerful. A five star, award winning performance by all. I would love to see this again.

  • Mark screeton says:

    The pre – show performance, perfectly set up what was to come. Within seconds the play had my attention – funny, real, felt like spontaneous witty banter rather than script – the initial sparks of a relationship brilliantly articulated. Then the deep profound love and pain from a father daughter relationship and the impact of loss and how it affects us all –
    This show was just superb – I can’t believe how many emotions I felt in an hour.

  • helen and mark says:

    We saw this amazing play and talked about it for hours afterwards – we still reference it in our daily banter – utterly brilliant

  • Nicole says:

    This show is pure perfection. It’s equally hilarious, devastating, raw and real all at the same time. The complexities of grief are laid out from all angles, which is a difficult thing to do but Sophie wrote this to perfection. Never have I seen a show that had me cackling with laughter to choking on tears within moments. This is a magical and captivating show of brilliance.

  • Marisa says:

    This was such a clever, raw, honest and heartfelt play. I laughed, cried and felt all the feels. It deserves every recognition for the strength of the performances and energy that had clearly gone into making it the success that it was.

  • Ashley Thompson says:

    i’ve followed the Amazing sophie craig on facebook for a while and found her comedy sketches absolute golden, she could put a smile on anyone’s face with her humour and relatable sketches if you haven’t seen them, you need too!!!

    But seeing her perform ‘i love you, now what’ in real life was something special, we were lost in the most beautiful, touching, inspiring story. it was raw, funny heart pulling, but it was real!
    you felt every piece of emotion from laughter to tears,
    without a dry eye in the room.
    and for my partner who lost his step father a couple of years ago after all this time his own journey of loss suddenly made sense. he came away feeling in awe, a sense of relief and healing ❤️‍🩹 it was very moving to feel and see someone experience those exact same emotions

    it is a play of excellence, a WINNING performance amazingly scripted with the most incredibly talented cast. i can’t wait to see what’s next.

  • matthew Bagley says:

    i got to see this wonderful lady Sophie Craig perform at pleasance theatre in London as per my xmas gift. the story line acted out by three extremely talented cast was so close to home that i can honestly say i spent my christmas present crying my eyes out. it was an amazing show which was brilliantly performed and a truly touching and inspiring story!! Welldone Sophie Craig if you don’t follow her then do it!!! hilarious

    award winning ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ show

  • Jeanette Shring says:

    Absolutely hot garbage. People are just here leaving positive comments because they have a thing for the lead actress who has a heavy social media presence and is begging for her fans to leave positive feedback here. Amateurish over-acting coupled with a trite, derivative story. It plays out like a second year college student’s writing thesis. I’d ask for my money back if I could.

  • Amy Fatharly says:

    Brilliant,so witty

  • Natalie Timbrell says:

    After losing my Dad 6 years ago yesterday. The pain never goes away. But this performance showed me my feelings and emotions that I’m going through is normal and is felt by others going through similar loss. It was a tough hour to get through at times, but I’m so thankful that I watched it. This has helped me to heal just that little bit more.

    Beautifully written and cleverly directed!

    Go see it!

  • Rosie Hodgson says:

    Beautiful, stunning and extremely engaging, you actually felt you were in their lives too. The raw emotion was exceptionally powerful and acting was faultless. Was still thinking about it all the next day!! I’ve been following Sophie on social media for some time so had to experience and support her show! Congratulations to the whole cast, I can’t wait for the next one!

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