Jade Dowsett Roberts – The Big O – King’s Head #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: LEAD PERF IN A PLAY

Plays: Lead Performance
Year of Nomination:
Jade Dowsett Roberts
The Big O
King's Head

  • Julie Annand says:

    Stunning performance. Energetic and responsive. Created a fabulous character that travelled a full emotional journey… as well as doing a challenging workout on stage !

  • Gaynor Dowsett says:

    My God what a performance one minute your belly laughing the next your sobbing Jade is a highly talented actress portraying the part as Lucy she gave a precise reflection of the life of a truly troubled young lady with some very challenging energetic stage work thoroughly enjoyed and gave food for thought for some of the harrowing life experiences some people go through.

  • Jacky scowen says:

    Jade was brilliant she is a great actress star quality

  • Karen Phee says:

    Such a stunning and strong performance by Jade Dowsett Roberts. The subject matter is a harrowing tale, splattered with humour and thought provoking moments. Jade’s portrayal of this young lady was amazing as you could actually see and feel the emotions of sadness denial and anger bubbling away underneath the surface hidden by humour. Not an easy piece to act I would imagine, but Jade took us effortlessly along with her. What an incredible Actress she is and not surprised that’s she’s been nominated for this award as it’s well deserved.

  • Dora Fisher says:

    Such a powerful performance. Jade Dowsett-Roberts keeps the character of Lucy alive, real and relatable and manages to pull off frequent changes in tone from the humorous to the emotionally hard-hitting and back again. Really memorable.

  • Elle G-B says:

    An out of this world performance from Jade Dowsett-Roberts. From hysterical laughter one moment to feeling every piece of Lucy’s emotion the next… she’s a superstar.

  • Emma Friend says:

    Amazing performance covering some very difficult issues. Kept the energy up all the time and really deserves the recognition for such a hard ask

  • Olivia says:

    Reflecting on this show after watching it in the Summer. Jade was incredible and took us on such a journey, a range of emotions, fantastic story telling, captivating and generous. How did she have so much energy! She’s one to watch for sure.

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