Jenny Thomas – Syncopation – Bridewell #Offies 2024 #NewNoms: CHOREOGRAPHY / MOVEMENT

Choreography / Movement
Year of Nomination:
Jenny Thomas
Manilla St Productions

  • Boniface Donna says:

    Great show, great dancing…loved it!

  • Monique Hirshman says:

    What a wonderful show! Do engaging and immersive. Was captivated from the beginning to the end .

  • Jo Sailsman says:

    Having heard on the grapevine of the new show coming to Bridewell Theatre, I was looking forward to seeing the show Syncopation.
    What I didn’t realise was how wonderfully beautiful the show would be, with a story of developing love set within a passion for dance.
    It is a mesmerising show with the cast of two holding the audience in their emerging world and taking us all on a journey. The unique style of the choreography bought additional light and shade to the whole performance. The show captured not only the passion for dance, but also how it develops within the person and the soul. Watching the relationship develop between two dreamers, one of whom is a competent and confident dancer leading the nervous and insecure student. The portrayal of this within a partner dance is a special kind of choreography, one that is so intensified within the detail and exposes a vulnerability for all.

    This is a show that has a wealth of layers, each paying tribute to the skill set of the cast and supporting crew. A masterpiece!

  • David Sutton says:

    Every dancer in the country, no matter their style of dancing will completely attune to this story.. they won’t just watch it, they will be completely absorbed into the play.

    It’s not just the story, nor the brilliant dancing, but the tiniest of nuances in the movement that really grabs you. You’ll find you’re moving like that in your mind and probably in your seat.

    Utterly brilliant choreography with these small movements added into the performance, really resonates with any aspiring dancer.

    Miss it and you will eternally regret it.

    Unless it goes to the West end and beyond – then you’ll fight for tickets for sold out shows..

    The big guys really need to pick this one up!

  • Geraldine Gaughan says:

    What a wonderful show, thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Loved the music and how dancing and acting really drew you in. Captivating xx

  • Louisa Michelson says:

    Beautiful from start to finish, this production entranced us with story-telling made especially compelling through movement and dance. From sublimely subtle to dazzling, it thrilled our eyes, kept us on the edge of our seats, and was an absolute delight. Brava, Jenny.

  • C Adali says:

    What a beautiful, touching show, absolutely amazing! The choreography was just perfect, showing the development/growth of the characters subtly and beautifully.

  • Karola Hassall says:

    I loved every second of it! The acting was heartwarming and real, as was the story – a meditation on owning your dreams and uniqueness through dance and honesty with each other… as a dancer I can relate, and as a woman with creative ambition and dreams I can too! It’s a play about following your ‘true north’ and choosing the right people on that journey… and to live without fear. I loved the intimacy of the play, the chemistry and skill of the characters and the gorgeous choreography … more of this please!

  • Gilles Chauvin says:

    Really enjoyed this tale of romance, love and dance with snippets of sense of humour. A must see.

  • Catherine Jaquest says:

    Outstanding performances from the very talented actors !
    The story line draws you into their two very different worlds and keeps you wondering which direction their journey will take them through their shared love of dance.
    The choreography is perfect, building, along with the storyline and of their relationship!

  • Ann Craigie says:

    I really enjoyed this show and attended because, I do love dance and I wasn’t disappointed.! The choreography was sympathetic to the storyline and really enhanced the show. It totally fitted in with the rhythm and music provided by the excellent band and danced so well by the main characters. They enjoyed their dancing, it was obvious, and they would not have done so if the choreography didn’t flow as well as it did. Well done to Jenny Thomas.!

  • David Craigie says:

    A fantastically choreographed and enjoyable show!

  • Beth Burnett says:

    Show date April 11th
    What a beautifully sweet and tender way of showing the developing relationship between 2 dancers. Integrating dance so well within the storytelling, Captivating and really accomplished

  • Beverly Gardner says:

    Wow what a show! Loved it 😍 The acting was brilliant and the dance choreography genius 😎 Loved seeing snippets of so many different types of dance included and so cleverly matched to the script to create the different dramatic effects needed. Not usually much of a theatre goer tbh but I was captivated from beginning to end!

  • Loretta Brooks says:

    From the first moments, this show was alive with movement. A beautiful rendering of awakening embodiment and expression, every gesture communicated the journey of the characters and their story, from Anna’s nervous shivers at the outset, contrasting with Henry’s muscular bravado, through their partnership’s scintillating and initially awkward evolution, passing via Henry’s impassioned leaps of yearning, through tender embraces, exuberant frolics and fiery flourishes, finally culminating in the couple’s polished and harmonious moment of sublime dance bliss – sparkling like Anna’s colourful beads and Henry’s chandelier visions. Encompassing a dizzying array of vintage dance styles, Jenny Thomas’s unique choreographic style was written all over this captivating show – full of fun and heart, her characteristic attention to detail evident in every head tilt and fingertip extension. This was choreography at its best – thrilling and vibrant, in service of and central to the narrative. A joyous treat for dance-lovers and a tantalising window into the uplifting world of partner dance for any theatre-goer.

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