Kit Young – Influence – Collective Theatre #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: SOLO PERFORMANCE

Plays: Solo Performance
Year of Nomination:
Kit Young
Collective Theatre

  • Mary P says:

    Took the whole family to this recently. Wasn’t sure what to expect other than a magic show but was much more than that. Kit’s performance – both acting and magic – was amazing.

  • Shida Katz says:

    Influence is not just any magic show. It is art, social critique, and theater at its best. The kind that sweeps you away into another reality, making you forget your mundane life for an hour or two. The kind that plays with your mind, makes you feel your body and soul to the fullest, and experience the range of emotions beyond what you would allow yourself to express under mundane circumstances.

    Through it all, Kit manages the ultimate deception, making the audience forget he’s a fantastic actor. I laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt and shed tears as he wrenched my heart out of my chest. By the end, Influence flushes out all those emotions tangled-up in the viewer’s subconscious mind to give them the deep release that only a true theater masterpiece can hope to achieve.

  • Matt Winchester says:

    Congratulations Kit!!! You deserve thisss

  • sandra says:


  • Scott says:

    Stunning performance and carries off the part of a magician perfectly

  • Hans says:

    The show is a great mix of magic and theatre, delivered with such charm and emotion. Congrats Kit!

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