Maybe I Do – Hen & Chickens #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffFest Camden Fringe

Year of Nomination:
Maybe I Do
Hen & Chickens
Covi Camblor
Camden Fringe 2023

  • Anca Vaida says:

    Woohoo! Thank you so much for the nomination, it is such an honour to be considered for the Offies and to receive recognition for all the work that went into it! And huge congrats to Cova Camblor who wrote and performed ‘Maybe I Do?..’

  • Corina Pickering says:

    I saw Maybe I Do at the Hen and Chickens theatre and it was awesome! So clever, witty, and perfectly executed by an amazing actress. Definitely a winner.

  • Nev says:

    Brilliant show, brilliantly conceived, brilliantly delivered. 😍

  • Dee says:

    Loved this! Laughed throughout, her boldness and comedic timing is amazing. Great show, impressed with the actress and looking forward to what she does next!

  • Alessandro De Cominato says:

    This was a great and very funny play, the topic is fantastic and Cova holds it so well thanks to her punchline and witty jokes and her great physical comedy. Loved it!

  • Philip Wrench says:

    I went to see the show after a recommendation from a friend and it did NOT disappoint. The show itself is well written and brilliantly executed by Cova who’s timing and delivery are to be admired. I love how the show highlights the difficulties faced in relationships with a language barrier and how Cova ingeniously unlocks all of its comical value. *****

  • Jesse n. says:

    Fantastic little play. Didn’t know what to expect as I was given a spare ticket by a friend, but I had a great time. Wonderfully written and consistently funny, I’ll definitely look for her next piece.

  • Martina V says:

    Funny, witty, clever and beyond…
    Cova’s performance has been great and definitely worth an award for holding the scene so well 👏
    Amazing show 😄

  • Jude owen says:

    Omg saw this play at the Hen and Chickens theatre, so funny it had me in tears – Estuart Esmith ❤️

  • Jen Taylor says:

    What a great, well written, well performed, and well staged play! Cova is an absolute master of comedic timing. She knows exactly how long to hold a pause, or a stare… And she puts repetition to work for her in the most seamless of ways. She will have you laughing from the first few lines, and makes the audience feel safe in her hands. Best show of the Fringe for suuuure.

  • Natalia Vidal says:

    Love the show!!!
    Can’t wait for what Cova will surprise us with in her next comedy , couldn’t refined it more 🙂

  • Lucas Portillo says:

    Very well performed and written play by Cova.
    ¡Gibraltar, Español! 🙂

  • Adrian says:

    That was an amazing show! Very funny and very entertaining.
    She is brilliant and very original.
    Thank you

  • Borja LS says:

    So funny! Went to see it after a few friends recommended it and it didn’t disappoint. The creator mixes a bunch of themes and it’s so really well done. Cleverly written combined with some physical comedy and a superb delivery!

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