Neverland – Act II – Lion & Unicorn #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffFest Camden Fringe

Year of Nomination:
Lion and Unicorn
Act II

  • Nell Rayner says:

    Really great show. Made me feel like I was at a festival! The music and lighting worked together with the actors to create such a good atmosphere, and the stories the characters told were so relatable. Absolutely brilliant!

  • Katie Wagstaff says:

    What a great production. Such a great laugh. Would highly recommend.

  • Thomas Jameson says:

    Really great show! It was an immersive experience, transporting you to the world of festivals from the moment you set foot in the theatre space. Really well thought out, and plenty of funny moments. Would recommend to anyone

  • Cath Pierce says:

    One of the best hours I’ve ever spent in a theatre. I couldn’t believe how much the Neverland cast packed into their show and how they’d managed to do it to such a high quality in only two weeks of rehearsals. From the immersive theatre sections to the physical theatre and movement and puppetry, as well as the improvisations and fully developed and hilarious characters. There was an amazing connection between the actors and again I couldn’t believe they were only strangers a few weeks ago. I loved Neverland from start to finish, it was an all round fantastic show and I can’t wait to see where it goes next, and winning this award would help them along their way.

  • Mohit says:

    Loved this play…amazing performances by all the actors. The use of puppetry was such a good and innovative idea. Kudos to the entire team!

  • Jason Bird says:

    Never been to a play where the cast were so close to you and so interactive, but what a pleasant surprise. Absolutely loved the show and what a great cast.

  • Dionne Nicholson says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching and being immersed in this performance. It was a brilliant concept and performed exceptionally well!

  • Maeve McAnallen says:

    The Neverland performance was really enjoyable, packing immersive and physical theatre, puppetry, and hilarious characters into a memorable show. The actors’ connection and improvisations added to the captivating experience. Loved it.

  • Jules Reuter says:

    Loved ittttt !!!!

  • Les says:

    This was an amazing window into festival culture as a teenager, i was so impresed with the show and the way this group portrayed the caricatures that captured the spirit, sence of adventure and camaraderie of your first festival, great performances from all, it was very professional and on a shue string budget,

  • Florence Mackley says:

    An amazing show! I loved every aspect, a brilliant combination of funny, thoughtful and impressive scenes that should be watched by all – especially festival goers and young people!

  • Graham says:

    So much fun, entertainment and insight packed into an hour long show, and some excellent performances too. I thought the puppetry linked the scenes well and the music and the energy from the performers really evoked a festival for me. Loved it.

  • Sarah Meenaghan says:

    Never land, so deserving of this award.
    I absolutely loved it and was immediately drawn in by the security guard as we came in and having to wear a wristband in order to ‘participate’.
    The characters were mesmerising in their attention to detail and portrayal of real and believable festival goers.
    The actors worked so well together and I cannot believe that they only had a couple of weeks to put this performance together having never met before that.
    The talent within the group was astonishing and if I lived in London I would have definitely gone to see it for a second time.

  • Mariana Flores says:

    It was an absolute delight! The energy and creativity of the performers shone through as they brought the festival atmosphere to life. A standout moment was when two actors sang that one Fleetwood Mac song, adding an unexpected musical twist to the show. The play’s lightheartedness and the actors’ enthusiasm made for an entertaining evening. I definitely left with a smile

  • Srusti Jain says:

    Really loved the play. Enjoyed watching every bit of it. It’s so good to see young talent investing their time and creativity into a classic form of storytelling which is theatre and puppetry. Felt like I was transported to a different world. Kudos

  • Nidhi says:

    A beautiful depiction of puberty and the struggle of growing up, all the whole keeping it entertaining and supremely fun. Kudos to the entire team. Must watch!

  • Bibartan says:

    What a novel concept, wherein the audience feels like they are part of the play themselves. This is the new-age definition of ‘experiential art’. Comic timing of all the actors was great. Laughed off eyes out. LOVED IT.

  • Jane says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Felt like part of the performance even before taking a seat. The puppetry and cast interaction was impressive and the actors were even able to show their improvisation skills. Loved ever monute

  • Emily says:

    This show is such a good time. Super funny, full of energy with the most delicate heartfelt moments. A must see!

  • Simren says:

    Absolutely loved the play. So creative and fun. I could not stop laughing, and the serious moments hit hard. Cast were brilliant and so committed to their characters.

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