Picasso Le Monstre Sacre – Assembly Rooms #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffFest Edinburgh Fringe

Year of Nomination:
Picasso Le Monstre Sacre
Assembly Rooms
Guy Masterson / Theatre Tours Int

  • Naomi Sorkin says:

    Peter Tate’s magical performance is mesmerising in this brilliant, thought provoking portrait of the man, the artist, and the women whose lives he consumed. The range of emotions from his charm to his brutality, his ability to convey different moods through his dancing, as well as the way that Tate convey’s the women’s ultimate despair is testimony to a fantastic performance in this wonderful production directed brilliantly by Guy Masterson.

  • Giselle Wolf says:

    This is a tour de force performance by Peter Tate that takes one on a rollercoaster ride of passions and a journey into the life, loves and terrors of Picasso’s mind. It is a must-see show directed by Guy Masterson. Tate captures brilliantly the tortured soul of the man.

  • Picasso, the Monstre Sacré is a jaw dropping portrait of the great artist. Peter Tate/ Picasso shocks us with intimate revelations , so we come to understand his mania to create and destroy. Peter Tate shows us how Picasso’s women were magnetised by that erotic volanco of a man , he embodies that demigod – genius- monster . Miss it at your peril!

  • SCOTT F EYERLY says:

    Peter Tate commands the theater like Picasso commanded our gaze. In this exploration of a demanding genius, Tate mixes passion, obsession and surprising streaks of sympathy. A tour-de-force performance, highly recommended.

  • Peter Tate embodies Picasso in all his fierce contradictions – tender, brutal, insatiable, broken, brilliant, tormented, genius. And we sit in the profound discomfort and contradiction of witnessing the artist through whom we have the gift of work of such humanity and sheer beauty, woven inextricably with all the messiness of the suffering and cost of his passions, appetitites, needs. Peter Tate is mesmerizing. A beautiful performance and production that ensures that we are firmly in the heart of the irreconcilable, uncomfortable paradox of this man and artist.

  • Jack Fry says:

    I was truly taken back as I thought I was watching PIcasso himself before me. It was like a front row seat into his mind and ego. Watching Peter Tate’s performance, I feel I understand the man better than any well-researched biography. A terrific show that I recommend it to anyone who wants a quality, well-spent night at the theater.

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