Picasso: Le Montre Sacre – Playground Theatre #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffComm

Year of Nomination:
Picasso: Le Montre Sacre
Playground Theatre
Guy Masterson

  • Naomi Sorkin says:

    A brilliant, stunning performance. A tour de force, mesmerising, and entrancing,
    Peter Tate channels Picasso, the man and seduces us all with his passion and charisma.

  • Gail Louw says:

    Stunning performance by Peter Tate. Brilliantly observed and mesmerising, playing a flawed yet extraordinary individual. One of those performances that don’t leave the observer, certainly not this audience member.

  • Tina says:

    I saw Peter Tate’s performance twice at The Playground Theatre and it was transformative! His Picasso was both beguiling and shocking; mesmerizing and sinful. I had to go back to my books on the artist to try and understand and relegate his masterworks with his complex and contradictory life. Loved Tate’s work!

  • Giselle Wolf says:

    Tate embodied Picasso. I saw it twice and was engrossed in his profound and deeply emotional performance. A stunning performance.

  • Anni Domingo says:

    An amazing performance by Peter Tate. It was mesmerising and held me gripped throughout. I look forward to seeing Peter’s next performance, a great actor.

  • Renske Mann says:

    Such a stunning performance, I just had to see it twice. I’m so glad that he is given the credit he so richly deserves.

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