Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Pig – JW3 #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: PANTO PERFORMANCE

Panto Performance
Year of Nomination:
Red Riding Hood & the Big Bad Pig

  • Ruth Finkel says:

    Brilliant fun, so clever: loads of puns for the adults and plenty of slapstick for the kids. Just what you need to brighten up these dark days of winter.

  • Sam clifford says:

    This was a truly exceptional, hilarious and unique performance. A Jewish pantomime which stayed true to the panto genre but embraced Jewish humour. Fun for the whole family and so vital in these difficult times to have a space for Jewish joy.

  • Rafi Addlestone says:

    Utter triumph! We laughed, we cried and the kids are still obsessed weeks later.

  • Odette Orlans says:

    This was phenomenal: very clever and funny indeed. My son saw it with school and raved about it, so I went to see it with my daughter. What a joy.

  • Claudia Rosencrantz says:

    Such a joyous laugh out loud clever and witty panto. The first ever Jewish panto is a triumph

  • Debbie Young-Somers says:

    Absolutely brilliant Jewish take on the Panto shtick- funny, clever, rude, family fun

  • Eryn says:

    It was such a fun night and great show. I loved being able to hear songs that I know and songs to times that are part of my tradition. I left the theatre laughing and full of joy.

  • Lee Rhodes says:

    Absolutely amazing show!

  • Faygle Train says:

    As somebody who works with environmental justice and has a scatological sense of humour, I thought this panto was written just for me! Between the wonderful mix of traditional Jewish and pop culture music, and the excellent audience improv and interaction, we had so much fun. I was thrilled to see the first ever Jewish panto, which I hope will be the first of many more. I hope others also take inspiration from the way this blended faith, British culture, and seasonal joy.

  • Yamit Ezra says:

    Absolutely loved this panto!! So funny, quirky, loved all the Jewish innuendos! I really hope they do one every year now. Our kids loved it as much as us!!

  • Blake Ezra says:

    A wonderful show. Pioneering, hilarious, culturally important… amazing fun for all.

  • Lou B says:

    Absolutely brilliant production – so funny. Our whole family loved it. The best panto I’ve seen!

  • Marc Nohr says:

    Brilliant. Full of zest, humour and intelligence.

  • Doreen Samuels says:

    I took my husband and sister to see this pantomime; they were both a bit sceptical about a party of three adults going, but in the event, it was one of the best events any of us had been to for some time. Pure, unadulterated fun, with marvellous acting and audience participation.

  • Talia Hoch says:

    Witty, contemporary, unconventional and moving. It gave me the secret ingredient I needed this Chanimus 🙂

  • Danny Braverman says:

    A brilliant panto. It kept to the best of panto tradition, while innovating with Jewish twist. The cast were all exceptional; funny and playful with the audience. Nick Cassenbaum’s script was excellent – he really understands the panto tradition. I saw it with an audience of school kids, who had the best possible introduction to theatre.

  • Eloise Tobe says:

    This was excellent. We took almost the whole school to see it and everyone really enjoyed it. It was clever, funny, plenty of traditional panto humour and lots for the children to be involved with it.

  • Tamsin says:

    Such an amazing show me and my family loved every second. Marvellous acting and very funny story !!!

  • Danielle Simonson says:

    Enjoyed this hilariously unique Jewish pantomime. Cleverly written in true pantomime style, with slapstick and lots of puns. Came to see it wi 18 members of my family, age range 3years-83years, and we all loved it.

  • Jo Feary says:

    This was a complete joy start to end! Original and unique whilst staying in keeping with traditional panto. Wonderful Jewish humour accessible to all generations. Superb cast with equal talent in acting, singing and acrobatic action. Huge well done to all involved and thank you for bringing us so much laughter

  • Susan Reuben says:

    Three generations of our family went, and we laughed non-stop from beginning to end. We’ve been quoting it and reminding each other of the best bits ever since.

  • Simone says:

    Something for everyone to enjoy. A brilliant production. Can’t wait to see what this talented troupe put together for next year.

  • Becky W says:

    The farty lady was my favourite – Dvora age 4
    I loved the grandma and her moves – Bertie age 10
    Great bagels – Esther age 13
    Full of joy – Becky age 43
    Witty, playful, upbeat – Gareth age 48

  • David Kershaw says:

    An absolute joy for all ages and a hilarious blend of British panto and Jewish humour.

  • Simone says:

    Really great show – the whole family loved it.

  • Deborah Sobel says:

    Totally brilliant – this captivated our whole family from our toddler through to my 70-something mum. We all loved it – creative, clever and uplifting.

  • John says:

    Went with Grandchildren for the morning performance and they wanted to come back for the afternoon show. They loved it and it suited their ages (2 to 7) as well as their parents. Worked on so many levels.

  • Miriam Lorie says:

    A joyful delight that adults and kids alike loved. It took a well-known genre to a new and higher level. A brilliant production on all counts.

  • Linda Myer says:

    The absolute highlight of my Winter holidays. A brilliant production, outstanding performance and massive laugh.

  • Rachel Segal says:

    I love panto and I loved this! I laughed all the way through at the adult gags, traditional panto humour mixed with Jewish references. The musical score was great and had me dancing in my seat. I’ve recommended it to everyone.

  • Rob Marco says:

    This was a fabulous show. Jokes that work for adults and children, fantastic cast who knew how best to pitch the performance. I wasn’t sure what to expect but this was better and more fun than I could have imagined. Wonderful evening.

  • Ruth says:

    A super fun, family-friendly, engaging panto! Humorous, topical, colourful and a good degree of audience participation. We were a multi-generational group and we all enjoyed ourselves immensely.

  • Robin Marcus says:

    Fabulous festive fun. A great panto for adults and children with a unique Jewish twist. Well done JW3. A much need joyful experience.

  • Lydia Parker says:

    So joyous, funny, silly and warm hearted. We laughed constantly from start to finish. More Jewish pantos please!

  • C Nash says:

    Hilarious, ridiculous and at times chaotic. Great fun – even the teenagers in our group laughed the whole way through. Loved mum’s costumes!
    The use of tinsel for the forest was an excellent idea – this seemingly simple set design added to the blend of traditional festive joy, British panto culture, pop music and diversity within the Jewish community.
    Be great to see this reach a wider audience – the joy from watching this panto needs to be shared.

  • Alicia Zs says:

    A uniquely funny, culturally rich, pun heavy, heart filling, soul healing piece of theatre and music. We couldn’t have loved it more and can’t wait until next year.

  • Tracey Wood says:

    What a fantastic show. FanTASTIC performances! Excellent direction and great writing. This absolutely deserves to win awards. By the end of the first half it had ruined my eye make-up. It was utterly hilarious. A total joy of an evening. I LOVED it.

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