Runaway – Rosemary Branch #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffFest Camden Fringe

Year of Nomination:
Rosemary Branch
Beyond Border

  • Jas says:

    Energetic, hilarious and honest. Loved every spectacular moment.

  • McPadraig McGuire says:

    Terrific performance. Subtle, nuanced, with a great story to boot. Zuzana Spacirova is one to watch!

  • Tristan M says:

    I loved this show. It made me laugh AND cry. Just her on the stage too! I wish I could see it in a bigger theatre. Go get a ticket!

  • Michael says:

    A fast-paced trip through a young-woman’s experience of life as a recent arrival in London. Funny, poignant and sometimes heart-wrenching. A theatrical feat from this solo performer in her debut writer/actor role.

  • Tom Trossero says:

    A very charismatic Actor portraying Diana going through the highs and lows of life in London as a foreigner. Something a lot of us expat can relate to! Loved seeing that one a few times!

  • Jana says:

    At the beginning funny play which takes you deep inside the soul of young woman full of drwams and with desire to belong somewhere. I was laughing and crying with her. You have to see this play!

  • Lily Maryon says:

    Fantastic imaginative storytelling. Takes you on a her journey of self discovery and a search for a home. Captivating performance that had me laughing and yearning for the place we call home. Funny, poignant zuze takes you in and you can’t help but be captivated by her performance. A slick theatrical triumph from Zuzanna in her debut play as a writer/Performer.

  • Christin says:

    I loved, loved, loved this show. As a German living in London I could really relate to some of those points and this show made me both laugh out loud (as in really loud snorting and all) and then go very quiet and sad. Amazing and a must see.

  • Marcel B. says:

    Spectacular one-woman show!
    A bit of an emotional rollercoaster.. as life can be.

  • Valentin Aden says:

    Captivating energy of a solo performance that takes you on a journey through emotions familiar of starting a life abroad. I loved seeing this play and am so grateful as there was so much to relate to. Would go see it again!

  • Richard Barr says:

    Zuzana Spacirova was so engaging right from the start. The show stirred a range of emotions, with some very funny moments through to periods of sadness. I was tearful with the poignancy of it at times. A highly recommended show and performance. I’d love to see what the very talented Spacirova does next.

  • Carmella says:

    Fantastic play! Beautifully written, incredibly acted showcasing razor – sharp wit, dark humour bursting with energy and emotion. Runway captures empowerment and vulnerability with a captivating flow of dialogue. Looking forward to the next production!

  • Nini says:

    Amazing one woman show that explores the joys and challenges of moving abroad. It’s a hell of a ride, an emotional rollercoaster that makes you laugh and cry at the same time. Looking forward to Zuzana’s next production!

  • BRIAN BELL says:

    I loved this play so much, that I could not resist returning to see it again. There was so much energy and freshness in the writing and performance of the play. The acting was faultless, and you could not help to feel empathy for the plight of migrants into a new country, and indeed personally for the incredible writer and performer Zuzana. The pace was very fast, but not so much that you could get lost, and showed the fun side of moving to a new country, alongside the sad side of unfulfilled dreams and the reality. I’d recommend anyone able to catch a future performance, to do so without hesitation. As I believe this was the first play that Zuzana has written, finding out what her future ideas are will be exciting.

  • Paul Bryan says:

    A thoroughly enjoyable show . This very talented young actress takes on the phrase “the grass is greener on the other side ” in such a way as to enable every audience member to consider this question in the context of their own lives. She does this with humour , a sense of fun and extreme likeability. You can’t help but like her . This performer deserves large audiences , be one of them .

  • Sean Warren says:

    Zuzana Spacirovas portrayal of Diana, a young woman who is naively finding her way through a foreign land. Left myself and our whole family genuinely moved, as we found ourselves invested in this character from the very beginning!

    Her performance is heart-warming, gut-wrenching and side-splitting.

  • Magda says:

    Truly remarkable performance by Zuzana! Her ability to convey authenticity in the story resonated deeply, allowing the audience, including myself as an East European in London, to genuinely connect with the narrative. Zuzana’s compelling portrayal, coupled with her delightful sense of humor, made the experience thoroughly enjoyable. Eagerly anticipating more outstanding performances from this talented actress in the future!

  • Florencia says:

    Zuzana Spacirova shines in this beautiful play! It’s not an easy thing to put together a one woman show that will keep you entertained for its whole duration, but Zuzana succeeds through and through 🙂 It will make you laugh and think, and even if London has always been your home, there are so many things to relate to. I sincerely hope it gets the recognition it deserves!

  • M T says:

    Fantastic play. The bundle of energy that is Zuzana takes you on a ride full of laughter, sadness and every emotion in-between. A captivating performance in a play that will stay with you long after it has finished.

  • Renee says:

    I was lucky enough to see this play twice. First a year ago and again this year. Each time Zuzanna brings such a wonderful and focused energy to the scene. You can feel how alive she is and she shares the story in such a captivating way. It’s such a relatable story to so many people. She takes you though a journey of emotions and I would highly recommend you spend your next day off going to see this play if it’s on. I’m so excited to see where this play is gonna end up.

  • Holly says:

    A charming work packed full of energy and exuberance and a dash of poignancy all beautifully realised by Zuzana both in performance and writing- bravo!
    A ‘runaway’ success.

  • Ana Albuquerque says:

    A realistic and emotional tale of what it is like to be an expat in London in your 20s. Runaway will bring you to tears and make you laugh out loud. It is beautifully written and performed with a lot of charm and character. A must-see!

  • Jason Parker says:

    Zuzana does a superb job of keeping the audience poised at the edge of their seats throughout, whilst taking us on an emotional rollercoaster of love, joy and tragedy. With minimal lighting, set and sound design, the play hangs on the strength of Zuzana’s performance alone, a challenge she rises to and supasses, creating a show that is both memorable and touching.

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