Scavengers – Etcetera Theatre #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffFest Camden Fringe

Year of Nomination:
Etcetera Theatre
Urban Wolves Theatre Company

  • Stephen Waterworth says:

    Fantastic performances by all three. Loved it

  • Mal Adams says:


  • Cat McConnell says:

    Loved the story. It totally sucked me. The lights went down and I forgot about the world. Great performances from all three I thought.

  • Darrin Crane says:

    What a fantastic performance, the acting was absolutely superb !! Well done Hobbsey, beautiful to watch your work, we’re all so very proud of you 🥰X

  • L Bushey says:

    Riveting acting from this talented cast, particularly from Neil Hobbs and Matteo Piombino. Bravo.

  • Francesca degli Espinosa says:

    Attention capturing throughout the whole hour, clever plot and acting by all three protagonists. Beautiful performance by Matteo Piombino, whose on-stage changes from victim to villain are entirely believable and mesmerising.

  • Andrew Horton says:

    Matteo Piombino’s performance was a standout! His character was wonderfully realised in such a short amount of time and really took us through a spectrum of emotions as an audience. Lovely supporting performances as well.

  • Scott Hume says:

    Fantastic play! Talented cast! Was hooked from start to finish.

  • Ellie Hautekiet says:

    Brilliant play ! Loved all 3 actors and it was gripping throughout. Bryan’s writing and directing is amazing. This was an absolute treat to watch!

  • Ingrid Evand says:

    A gripping and fascinsting play and well acted by the three performers.

    • Jill Stanford says:

      Bryan Oliver deserves to get his work to a much wider audience. Scavengers depicts a scene which we think will never happen to us, but can be frighteningly close at times. This strong cast takes us makes the unthinkable real, with Neil Hobbs in particular being so relatable.

  • J Adam Baker says:

    Bleak, topical and thought-provoking.

  • Hanna Jerczynska says:

    Bryan Oliver’s play had a twist in a story that kept my attention to the degree that I was surprised when the play came to the end. Actors also were superb. The Scavengers depicted a very valid subject – a dystopian world, where everybody fends for himself and the strongest ones rule over others. It is a warning to all of us.

  • Jed Dmochowski says:

    Brilliant play, it’s impact reinforced by mutually-sustaining use of language in the script, acting and stage layout.

  • Fenena G. says:

    Brilliant writing, directing and performances! Congratulations to Bryan Oliver, who establishes himself as such a clever and serious playwright, who deserves wider attention.

  • QP says:

    It had been a long while since I’d been to see a theatre production, and I’m glad that this was the one I attended after all this time. On entering, the atmosphere was set and the performance area, and the entire room, took on a life of its own. I was suddenly in another world. Without announcement, the action began, and from that moment I was thoroughly engaged in the plot, characters, themes and emotional journeys. The scripting, directing and staging was well thought-out, leading us through ups and downs, tensions and release, and causing us to very much feel for the characters and become immersed in their trials. The performances from all cast were very strong, in that I believed that they believed their world, and they all brought a subtlety and nuance to their character. The creative and technical use of lighting and sound was also very impressive; working in a small space, the use of light very much helped set the mood and tone of the world (dark, grim but with a few warmer tones of optimism and hope!) and the sound design was excellent at creating the world off-stage, helping the imagination do its job. Many dramatic peaks and troughs for the characters, and ultimately we, and they, are left with the acceptance that in the darkest and lightest of times, all we have, and need, is love. Brilliant!

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