The Emperor’s New Clothes – Canal Cafe Theatre #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffFest Camden Fringe

Year of Nomination:
The Emperor's New Clothes
Canal Cafe Theatre
Baby Lamb Productions

  • Henry Parker says:

    This is easily the funniest show I’ve seen for years – in fact I’m struggling to think of any show that has made me laugh quite as hard as The Emperor’s New Clothes. I won’t go into specifics at the risk of “spoilers” but I literally cried with laughter multiple times. Congratulations to all involved – and please do it again soon!

  • Carl Williams says:

    An amazing show. Had me roaring with laughter throughout. Silly and clever in equal measure!

  • Julia Hicks says:

    I loved this show. Very funny!

  • Simonne McIvor says:

    This was hilarious, witty and so entertaining! Excellent performance by the cast.

  • Abby Grewal says:

    It was edgy , it was current , it was so so clever and it had me rolling in laughter from the start to finish . An extremely clever adaptation of this classic fairy tale . This one hour of pure enjoyment was down to the brilliant and talented cast with hardly any props or stage designs . They not only wrote the adaptation but it was directed by one of the cast as well. Bravo brava and can’t wait to see more from this young production company .

  • Noah Brown says:

    So original, refreshing and “hawwwwt” as the emperor would say!!! Incredible escapism that has heart and brilliantly performed throughout. Loved loved LOVED it!!!

  • Frederik emich says:

    What a wonderful hilarious and clever play. An hour of pure entertainment. Brilliant performances from the whole cast of 6 , superb change of roles for the different characters . Well done definitely deserving of a prize .

  • Fiona Yow says:

    Wow, this was a very ‘hot’ show on a hot night! Grabbed my attention immediately, intense, funny, clever twists & dual acting roles. Really enjoyed the evening and so impressed with actors writing, production & delivery. Well done all! Onward & upward!

  • Gulshun Rehman says:

    Pure entertainment at its best! A super talented cast and a brilliant and clever script. Look forward to seeing more from these artists. Bravo!

  • Adam Sinicki says:

    The show was absolutely hilarious!! Extremely witty and with brilliant characters. Every cast member was charismatic and kept me fully engaged. Can’t wait to see what these guys do next!

  • Sarah says:

    An hour of top quality entertainment, pure and simple. All of the actors (who also wrote it! And one of them directed it too!) were brilliant, the characters were memorable and fun, the jokes were hilarious. It was just a great, great show. If this isn’t award worthy I don’t know what is!

  • Sam Toller says:

    Great show! Some wonderful accents and a fun spin on an old tale – felt like watching zoolander on stage!

  • Sahel says:

    Such an absolutely bonkers, ridiculously entertaining show. Hats off to this cast!

  • Annabelle McCombe says:

    This show is incredible – I had the best time and laughed so hard! The cast are all amazingly talented and combined with the good script, it really made for an entertaining show!

  • Coline Atterbury says:

    This show was a riot of laughter! Quick, witty, and engaging – it whisked me away from everyday life for a fun-packed 60 minutes. The actors’ playfulness and complicité was a joy to watch. Highly recommend!

  • Mars says:

    Genuinely extremely hilarious, witty and gorgeously sweaty. I laughed audibly throughout.

  • Flora says:

    An absolute delight of a show and a work of art in the writing. If you want guaranteed tears of laughter, it’s a must see!

  • Ella Jarvis says:

    The funniest show I have seen in a long time (or probably ever). Not a single weak cast member, slick direction and a hilarious adaptation! Have watched twice and would happily go again; can’t wait to see what the team do next!

  • Lucy Storey says:

    Hilarious escapist theatre at it’s finest! A brilliant cast, particularly charismatic emperor, and wonderful reimagining of a classic. Perfectly scripted and cleverly directed.

  • Jem Roberts says:

    Highly original and very funny, with an excellent script. You really feel transported into the narcissistic world of fashion.

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