The Fairy Queen – Jacksons Lane #Offies 2024 #NewNoms: OPERA PERFORMANCE

Opera: Performance
Year of Nomination:
Allyn Wu, Betty Makharinsky, Guy Beynon
The Fairy Queen
Jacksons Lane
The image shows, L to R: Allyn Wu, Betty Makharinsky, Guy Beynon

  • Hamish Norbrook says:

    Two and a half hours of sheer unadulterated joy and passion. The talents of the singers were incredible: voice production which went from drop of a feather to blast the doors off, plus dancing, plus acting – some of them could be in stand-up without saying a word – and also motion. Or, sometimes, the total, instantaneous lack of movement. Standing on one foot, using their bodies to create a pageant, facial and body movements. This was immensely sophisticated. But above all – and I deliberately repeat myself – it was sheer, utter total joy.

  • Ralph Goodstone says:

    Magnificent performances

  • Antoine BOMMELAER says:

    I attended HGO’s Fairy Queen at Jacksons Lane last night and discovered a group of emerging singers: Allyn Wu, Betty Makharinsky and Guy Beynon. All three already show a high level of confidence, superb acting and singing of course!

  • Philip Campbell says:

    This production was imaginative and vibrant while doing full justice to Purcell’s wonderful music. Truly excellent.

  • Philip Campbell says:

    These three performances were excellent – the acting and dancing and, above all, musicianship were great to see.

  • Cortland Fransella says:

    Original, clever, professional, wacky, energetic, challenging, touching and fun.

  • Cortland Fransella says:

    Betty Makharinsky stood out from a very talented crowd, while Guy Beynon and Allyn Wu were also noteworthy.

  • Judith Altshul says:

    Outstanding musicality and expression. Lovely performers who connected fully with each other and with the audience.



  • Anne-Marie Robinson says:

    What a gorgeous performance of Purcell’s Fairy Queen. The young singers have beautiful voices, clear diction and good acting skills, while the ensemble singing was superb. The musicians were skilled and performed with sensitivity and energy. Fabulous!

  • Helen Sharon Halpern says:

    Fabulous and imaginative production with a cast of young singers who can also act and dance. Every moment was interesting to look at. The production managed to combine early music and tableau poses with contemporary movements, music, costume and theatricality. It was extremely enjoyable.

  • Helen Sharon Halpern says:

    What a fantastic opportunity for young singers to participate in such an amazing production. The standard of singing was extremely high with some notable solo performances. And they can dance too!

  • Jane Howard says:

    Outstanding performances radiating joy and commitment – beautiful stylish playing by the musicians

  • Laura Fransella says:

    Superb and deeply moving singing from all three, but it was Betty Makharinsky who brought a tear to my eye. An outstanding production.

  • Paula Robinson says:

    Delightful performance from these talented singers, showing they can sing, dance and act so beautifully!

  • Jess Berdris says:

    What a great night! Wonderful music beautifully performed by both singers and musicians, individually and together. A feast for the eye, at times great fun and at others deeply moving. Scenes and tunes keep coming back to me. Encore!

  • Maggie Ronald says:

    Totally superb. Fantastic ensemble work and a feeling that everyone taking part was really enjoying themselves! Three great singers. A real privilege to have seen this. Quite unique.

  • Kevin Fallon says:

    What a fabulous production and what a high standard of performing. Well done HGO.

  • Kevin Fallon says:

    These exceptional performances far exceeded my expectations and this nomination in very well deserved.

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