The Fairy Queen – Jacksons Lane #Offies 2024 #NewNoms: OPERA PRODUCTION

Opera: Production
Year of Nomination:
The Fairy Queen
Jacksons Lane

  • Gianluca Lunetta says:

    Great production with a terrific young cast with stage presents powerful and well-educated voices

  • Liz Hanchet says:

    This was the first time we had seen The Faery Queen and didn’t know what to expect, but we absolutely loved the production. The setting and costumes were different and original. The singing was great. We really enjoyed the movement around the stage involving so many of the cast simultaneously, and the creation of small individual stories within the whole. It was an excellent evening’s entertainment and audience on the night we saw it was very appreciative.

  • Ralph Goodstone says:

    A superb production

  • Pamela todd says:

    A beautiful visual spectacle! Thoroughly enjoyed the show

  • Harriet Dickson says:

    This production converted me to opera, I loved every minute of it! The music, singing, cast and costumes were utterly joyous. Thank you to the wonderful cast for giving their all!

  • Jane Howard says:

    Superb production with imaginative sequencing of song and dance, in endless variety – the disco number in the midst of baroque was a complete joyful surprise – costumes were delightfully quirky and the minimalist staging enhanced the action throughout. A triumph.

  • Susi Harris says:

    Completely wonderful from the antique musical instruments to the tremendous voices, creative choreography with minimal set and props, beautiful harmonies and arrangements, but most of all the energy, humour and sheer beauty – I wanted it never to stop!

  • Jeffrey Calvert says:

    I was captivated from the first note to the last. It really was a feast for the eye and the ear. A work, created over 300 years ago, thoughtfully presented in a way to enchant and delight a modern audience.

    The choreography was so imaginative, unhindered by limited space, with the talented performers moving beautifully between visual tableau with a fluidity emphasised by the large white draped cloth.

    The high standard was set by the exceptionally well-delivered prologue (by Chris Murphy) entertainingly welcoming us to the dramas about to unfold.
    Indeed the diction of the singers throughout was superb, and the dozen musicians and fifteen singers gave life to this beautiful music.

    Just one example of the considerable thought given to the evening had to be the use of an oboe (rather than the violin that is usual) to accompany the singer in “The Plaint – Oh let me weep”. This was a masterstroke, both musically and dramatically as the soloist (Katie Lewis) moved around the stage to almost hypnotic effect, like the pied piper.

    A thrilling evening.

  • Peter Tompkins says:

    I took a group of friends to see this production which exceeded all my expectations. The focus on the whole of Purcell’s music was an astute choice, especially given variety by the movement of some elements to other instruments. The diction was excellent, and the fun that was demonstrated by the efforts of the singers was most engaging. On a small stage, they achieved excellent choreography to bring the work to life.

  • Catherine Ferguson says:

    Outstanding production: creative, elegant, thoughtful staging of the masque based original, wonderful musicianship, striking, authoritative singing from a youthful cast. An evening full of charm and joy.

  • Peter Tompkins says:

    I took some friends to see this production and we were all captivated by the enthusiasm of the performers and the director’s focussing on Purcell’s music, albeit with some changes of instrumentation. It was a joyful evening and the whole audience were engaged. The diction was excellent and the choreography on the small stage was just right for the storyline.

  • Lucy Myers says:

    A wonderfully inventive and witty production – I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Maggie Ronald says:

    Really very, very good. Agree with all the other comments! Loads of energy, inventive choreography (how do you manage to stand stock still with one foot in the air for 5 minutes !) I also loved the Plaint with the oboe – exquisitely done.

  • Derek Harris-Taylor says:

    High performance and production standards all round. Great singing and acting from such a young cast, and marvellous orchestra. All involved were fully invested. As an ensemble piece, it would be invidious to single anyone out. It’s clear a happy synergy developed between the director and every member of the cast. The direction was splendid – detailed, creative, effective. There was so much going on, it could have been a mess; it wasn’t, focus was always where it was meant to be. A thoroughly enjoyable evening. A feast for the ears, eyes, brain and soul!

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