The Girl in the Green Jumper – Playground Theatre #Offies 2024 #NewNoms: #OffComm

Year of Nomination:
The Girl in the Green Jumper
Playground Theatre

  • Bruno Virginia says:

    Autobiographical play adaptation from Renske Mann’s book was excellently adapted and cast by The Playground Theatre, a venue I had not visited before.
    Had it not been such a short run, I would have seen it twice and hope to find it again at another theatre.
    Congratulations to all involved!!

  • Graham Stewart White says:

    This was a stunning production by the Playground team of the intense relationship of an artist and his muse/wife:the theatre itself is intimate in size and adds to the aura
    I am not a regular theatre goer but enjoyed the experience immensely

  • david Aukin says:

    The Girl isn the Green Jumper is a wonderful evening in the theatre. Congratulations to the cast and crew who one and all deserve the OFFIES. It deserves a future life.

  • Steve and Chatles says:

    Congratulations on the recognition of ‘The Girl in the Green Jumper’. We will be hoping the OFFIE will see GITHGJ in all the wonderful light that it was written, produced and performed with! Cheers

  • Gideon Dewhirst says:

    Well done, richly deserved. The play was excellent and captured the intensity of their relationship – and of Cyril Mann himself – excellently.

  • Sally Kemp says:

    Renske Mann’s compelling story was powerfully told in this excellent production. I was completely engrossed throughout. Love the Playground Theatre too…great little space!

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