The Pigeon and The Mouse – Welcome to Campfire – The Space #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: ONLINE PRODUCTION

Online Production
Year of Nomination:
The Pigeon and The Mouse
The Space
Welcome to Campfire

  • AJ Murray says:

    It felt so intimate to see these two soul mates living and loving their days at the end of the world. The every-day chores and playfulness so familiar to all of us, fused with most difficult of circumstances we can only hope to never find ourselves facing personally.

    Afterwards, I had to immediately take notes of some of the deeply resonating dialogue and beautiful choreography.

    I hope we see Campfire back in London soon. I’m so pleased this production was nominated.

  • dodie says:

    Remembering this performance is like remembering a dream! Two lovers, running around gleefully with a rumble of something dark approaching. Bodies holding poses in red light, strength supporting strength, making one scorpion like figure. I’ve never seen beautiful choreography to a personal voice diary before. Stunning – I’d love to see it again!

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