Virtual Dust – Turtle Soup Theatre #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffFest

Year of Nomination:
Virtual Dust
Turtle Theatre Co

  • Sahra D says:

    Fabulous pocket of shows, particularly loved the powerful play, Petrichor By Harry Blackburn. The technique used by Director, Charlie G Hinkley. Coupled with fabulous performances from Fadumo Hassan as Crow and James Butterfield.

    There is talent here, watch out for every single one of them.

  • Rosa says:

    Amazing performances from everyone an incredible watch

  • Noor Sobka says:

    Phenomenal performances by Fadumo Hassan as Crow and James Butterfield as Noah! In petrichor by Harry Blackburn

  • Monique says:


  • Kate Griffiths says:

    Fadumo Hassan gave an absolutely captivating performance as Crow. What a promising young actor!

  • Katherine Greenhalgh says:

    Fadumo Hassan is truly captivating as crow! A skilled performer through and through. James Butterfield as Noah also demonstrates skill and talent bringing the character and story to life.

  • Another top notch piece with charismatic committed performers!

  • James Reynholme says:

    What a thoroughly enjoyable night all round. I thought the Afterthoughts play was the best by far, their energy and pace was insane. The lead song writer played by Anthony St Clair Cadogan was unbelievably good because he went from pure rage to more vulnerable moments including a subtle romance at the end. The sandwich eating guy was hilarious too played by John Smullen. Their toilet scene was cracking!

    I also really liked the wedding play, the Bride’s mother was brilliant and The Priest had so much depth which was surprising.

    The furniture shop play was a proper mind melter. Both in the cast were great but the lady, Niamh Forster was amazing with turning on the sadness like a switch.

    Virtual Dust was utterly fabulous and one of the best fringe shows this year. I can’t wait to see more from Turtle Soup.

  • Alex V says:

    Virtual Dust was such an amazing night full of outstanding short plays. I can only hope that these plays will have another run, because I would love to see them again. Special shout out to the play Afterthoughts, which had me laugh and gripped throughout the whole play. The character Stewart played by Anthony St Clair Cadogan was an absolute delight to watch. Brilliant talent here but so was the rest of the cast. It was just phenomenal and brilliantly cast with great directions.

  • Fiona R says:

    Fantastic night , five short plays by new writers

  • Robert says:

    Excellent night all round.
    Loved Martyr, ‘Mum’ was so funny.
    We laughed so much
    Some great writing, directing and performances.
    Many more to come from Turtle Soup.

  • Hannah says:

    Brilliant night of five short plays 🙂

  • Becky Kershaw says:

    Great range of plays and performances. Really enjoyable evening. Well done to you all! ❤️

  • Marcus Senior says:

    A great night of very different plays. I particularly liked ‘Afterthoughts’ about a band reaching the end of the road, and the strong performance of Anthony St. Clair Cadogan as ‘Stewart’, a man caught up in fraught relationships with ‘Kizzie’ and the other members of the band.

  • Louise says:

    This was a wonderful show and had such variety. I really enjoyed Martyr and Part Of The Furniture but my favourite was certainly Afterthoughts. What a brilliant cast and well done to Anthony. Virtual Dust and Afterthoughts deserves a bright future!

  • Amelia says:

    What a night for new writing! Absolutely brilliant short plays and great performances from start to finish. Particularly loved Afterthoughts and the relationship between ‘Stewart’ played by the wonderful Anthony Cadogan and ‘Kizzie’ played by the brilliant Angela Heenan – would love to see this grow!

  • Paul Townsend says:

    Great set of short plays, hats off to the Martyr cast, three amazing strong actors!
    Very poor attempt at acting from the guy who played Stewart in Afterthoughts and also the girl in the last play, her attempts at accents and her over the top acting was hard to watch.
    But apart from that all well put together, better casting needed though in some parts.

  • Selina says:

    A wonderful array of short plays, making up a very entertaining and brilliant evening.

    Afterthoughts, Part of the Furniture & Martyr were my favourite pieces. Captivating writing, gripping performances and stories that really sucked you in and left you wanting more.

    I could definitely see Afterthoughts being developed into a longer piece.

    Excited to see where this production company and all of the amazing stories go next.

  • Dan L says:

    It was a fantastic production of dynamic, regional talent. Definitely deserves an Offie – as a former Offie winner, I know this show embodies everything the award is about.

  • An incredible showcase of northern talent and expression. A complete potpourri of themes and stories that were relatable as they were fantastical. Here the message was made clear that all is needed is the actor and the empty space, a wonderful achievement!

  • Marissa B. says:

    Wonderful set of plays and brilliant performances by everyone. I really enjoyed Anthony Cadogan and Angela Heenan’s performances in ‘Afterthoughts’. Also loved ‘Part Of The Furniture’, very original!

  • Annalise bradshaw says:

    Congrats on such detailed nuanced plays & performances! The night was filled with so much laughter and thought provoking content. Was great to see Anthony St Clair Cadogan & Kyle O’Neill really taking up the space and thriving!

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