Whisky & Witches – The Mother Superior #Offies 2023 #NewNoms: #OffFest Edinburgh Fringe

Year of Nomination:
Whisky & Witches: An Immersive, Magical, Musical, Whisky Experience
The Mother Superior
Jane Ross & Christine Kammerer

  • Alana says:

    Such a fantastic show! Even as a non whisky drinker, I was welcomed to the show and still included. Jane and Christine were both funny, charming and talented; in whisky, storytelling and musically. I’ve highly recommended the show to anyone that will listen.

  • Saul woehrling says:

    A Time Machine to a small tavern being told folk stories by two real witches.

  • Heather Storgaard says:

    Whisky & Witches was a brilliant evening, and a highlight of my fringe 2023. Christine’s songs and voice were incredible, and both women really held the room all evening. Working in the whisky industry, I expected to think a lot about the liquide and facts, but actually found myself moved and transported by the whole show.

  • Angus coutts says:

    Great event!

  • Andrew Allan says:

    Gutted to have missed this show. Have experienced Jane’s humour and entertainment at a couple of whisky events, but date I could make was a sell out. Hopefully you’ll be back soon.

  • January Watson says:

    I was honestly speechless. Whisky & Witches is an incredible, immersive experience which gave me an unreal sense of connection to both the spirit in my glass, and the spirit of Scotland. The whiskies were out of this world, and so so so special. I cannot recommend this show enough.

  • Erin Bullard says:

    Christine and Jane transported me to a beautiful land of wonder and mystery in their Whisky and Witches show. The music was magical, the stories were fascinating, and they both held the audience captive in their presence and passion. As a lover of music and whisky, this show was immensely satisfying.

  • Mrs Kelly Curran says:

    I loved this show, was the best for me for 2023. The whisky was amazing but also the songs, the stories, the atmosphere. Was a great night and a few drinks after upstairs in the bar was fab – definitely the best of 2023 and worth visiting thus bar .

  • Madelaine Donald says:

    Had a lovely evening with the ladies, Christine’s musical talent was incredible and it was lovely to hear the stories linked to the whisky.

  • Jordana Viotto says:

    A-MA-ZING!!! What a lovely time spent with these two incredible human beings! Such a great attention to details, such an incredible idea, I learned so much! One more! One more! One more!

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