A Re-Presented Show

Guidance for a “New” show that has been recently assessed

On rare occasions, a show that has already been assessed might be re-presented for a new or extended run with certain changes to the cast and/or other members of the creative team, at the same or a different venue, either immediately after, or within a few months, of the original run.

To be eligible for a second Offies assessment, the new or extended run of the show must firstly satisfy our basic criteria – i.e. that the new or extended run contains at least 10 performances.

In addition, there must be significant changes to the cast or other creatives involved in the original production.  Depending on the nature of the changes, we will respond as follows:

Change of Cast

If there have been changes to the cast members playing leading or other significant roles, we will send one of our super assessors for the relevant performance categories (i.e. plays or musicals).

Changes in Creative Team

If there has been a change in at least two of choreographer / musical director / costume designer / set designer / lighting designer / sound designer / video designer, then we will send two assessors to undertake a new assessment.

Change of Director

If the director has changed but the new production is essentially a re-mounting of the original production, we will not send any assessors.  If there have also been changes to cast or other key members of the creative team, then the approach will be as above.

The new production will not be assessed for Most Promising New Playwright / New Play / New Musical.

If you are requesting a second assessment of a show that has already been presented, please contact us clearly outlining all changes as outlined above, as well as information about the date and time of the new press night.