OnComm for Online Shows

The OnComm is the Offies Commendation for online shows – it aims to recognise the excellence of shows from independent, alternative and fringe theatres that are being presented online. This award was introduced in May 2020 in the light of the lockdown arising from the Covid-19 pandemic. 

How Does it Work?

The OnComm works on a calendar year basis.  Companies, producers or venues can submit their show at any time during the year, and there is no fee involved.  When a show is submitted, they have to specify the categories relevant to the show. 

Once the submission is approved, the show will be viewed (or listened to, if an audio show) by 2-3 assessors.  The assessors can then nominate a show for an OnComm – and the nominees will be added to this webpage. 

Finalists & Winners

At the end of the calendar year, finalists in each category will be selected from across all nominees, and these will be announced in early January.  The winners in each category are then be announced at the Offies awards ceremony in February / March. 

Click on the links below for a full list of OnComm nominees, finalists & winners for that year

  • 2020 – winners announced in February 2021 – click HERE
  • 2021 – winners announced in February 2022 – click HERE 

There is more information below, including a link to a webpage with full information about how to submit your show, and more information about the assessment process.

Submitting a show for an OnCom

You can invite the OnComm assessors to view your online production or event.   The assessment process is outlined in the next section below.

Click HERE for all you need to know about submitting your show for an OnComm. 

There is no fee to submit your show for an OnComm but from 1 January 2021, your show must be added to the online show listings on www.offwestend.com before it can be considered for an OnComm.  This is all explained when you click on the link above.

Assessment Process

The assessment process is as follows:

  • 2-3 assessors watch (or listen to) the show
  • they each submit an assessment and a recommendation as to whether they think the show should get an OnComm nomination
  • if they agree then the next step is simple: the show either receives an OnComm nomination or it doesn’t
  • if they disagree, they discuss their assessments between themselves and come to an agreement one way or the other
  • if the show receives an OnComm nomination, the contact we have will be sent an email, the show is added to this website, and a tweet sent to announce the award – via @offwestendcom


OffWestEnd is pleased to be working in partnership with Scenesaver, a new online platform for online shows.  To upload a show (for free), go to https://www.scenesaver.co.uk/add-production/

Scenesaver is committed to helping to generate funds for the creative sector in these difficult times.  When you upload your show, Scenesaver will encourages its users and subscribers to view your work and they will be invited to make a donation – perhaps equivalent to the cost of a ticket – and, at this time, 95% of these donations will be passed to the company or venue presenting that show or event.

All Online Platforms are Eligible

Please note that the criteria for this award is that your show is online – it could be online on your own website, or a theatre  venue’s website, or on another platform such as an online festival.