Other Awards

Apart from the Offies awards (which are primarily for full run productions), there is the Offies People’s Vote and a number of Offies Commendation awards, and this webpage provides summary information on each of these, and a link to the relevant webpage where you can find more detailed information.  All awards operate on a calendar year basis.


The People’s Vote are awards across a number of categories and are for independent, alternative and fringe venues across Greater London.  These are voted for by members of the public towards the end of each year and are also announced at the annual Offies awards ceremony.

Click HERE for more information on these awards.

The OffComm is the Offies Commendation for short run shows with a minimum of 3-4 performances.  A number of reviewers have agreed to act as assessors for the OffComm award.  You can invite these reviewers / assessors to your show – and if the show receives at least two 4-5* reviews, it will receive an OffComm.

CLICK HERE for more information on the OffComm, including a list of past winners.

If you would like the list of these reviewers / assessors, please email info@offwestend.com

The OffFest is the Offies Commendation for shows at theatre festivals.  This was introduced in 2019 for the Camden Fringe and was then also adopted by the Voila Europe theatre festival.

CLICK HERE for more information on the OffFest, including a list of past winners.

If your festival is interested in participating in the OffFest award, please email info@offwestend.com

The OnComm is the Offies Commendation for online shows and was introduced in May 2020 after the Covid-19 lockdown began.  It has been very has successful: over 250 submissions have been received to date (Oct 2020) and over 75 OnComms awarded.

Click HERE for more information on the OnComm, including the information you need to submit your online show for consideration, and a list of past winners.

The OneOff is a new special award to celebrate outstanding achievements, especially in the light of the Covid lockdown.  This could be for an individual, a group of individuals, a venue, a company, a production, a festival, a special initiative, or anything that should be especially celebrated these difficult times.

CLICK HERE for information on the OneOff, including a list of winners to date.

To submit a proposal for an OneOff, please email info@offwestend.com with details of the proposed awardee and the reasons why it should receive the award.  Ideally, please also include the names of at least two independent persons we can contact as “references” for the award.