Jye Frasca & Devon-Elise Johnson – Syncopation – Bridewell #Offies 2024 #NewNoms: DUO PERF IN A PLAY

Plays: Duo Performance
Year of Nomination:
Jye Frasca & Devon-Elise Johnson
Manilla St Productions

  • Louisa Michelson says:

    What a beautiful and brilliant pairing, and what marvellous performance. In words, movement and dance, Jye and Devon-Elise delighted us with their story and kept us utterly captivated.

  • Ann Craigie says:

    What a great pair Jye Frasca and Devon-Else Johnson made. They were totally believable and portrayed their characters so well. The humour came across very well and it was lovely to see how they developed their characters relationship throughout the play. They both sung very well and danced so well together. Their timing was excellent, both in the spoken word and in their dances together. A great pairing I would like to see more of. Well done to both for their part in such a great show!

  • Beverly Gardner says:

    Wow what a show! Loved it 😍 The acting and dancing was brilliant. Not usually much of a theatre goer tbh but I was captivated from beginning to end. It was amazing how just 2 actors could tell such a beautiful story so clearly and touchingly and hold my full attention the whole time.

  • Loretta Brooks says:

    A tremendous pairing, these accomplished all-round performers complemented each other beautifully in this engaging two-hander. Johnson brought a captivating sweetness to her role, charting a journey from youthful naïveté to confident maturity, while Frasca brought endearing energy and charm, convincing as the working class man with a glamorous dream. This duo delighted us with their wonderful stage chemistry and impressive singing and dancing abilities.

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